Why a Trimaran?

The answer is easy, the first and foremost reason is performance! On any type of sailing boat power-to-weight ratio and wetted surface area are critically important performance factors. These are what make multihulls such efficient sailing craft. The wide beam a trimaran is able to have gives it exceptional righting moment. When the main hull begins to fly only one narrow hull is left slicing through the water. In short, greater righting moment provides more power and less wetted surface reduces drag, these combined equal exhilerating speed!

To quote Pete Melvin, chief architect of the AC72 (America’s Cup Catamaran) rule and champion multihull sailor, “The difference in performance characteristics between the two (catamaran and trimaran) is not significant.” Trimarans are however generally easier to sail to the VPP’s (meaning speed potential can be consistently achieved). A trimaran also probably shares a closer relationship to a monohull than a catamaran does so it’s easier for a monohull sailor to make the transition into multihull sailing.

When considering safety a trimaran’s platform means it is more forgiving than a catamaran. When a leeward bow is driven under the water the larger volume of the main hull soon provides extra buoyancy to help prevent a dramatic nose dive. In terms of practicality, a folding trimaran has the ability to radically reduce it’s beam to fit a monohull marina berth in minutes. This is also a huge benefit when storing the boat on dry land in a yacht club hard stand, the boat takes up less space whilst still having the mast up ready to go sailing again!

So there you have it, a trimaran of this size has its advantages over a catamaran. SeaCart Trimarans are designed and built for excellence both on and off the water and shall continue to be the true high performance brand on the market. The future of multihull racing is the SeaCart 26 One Design Trimaran – broaden your sailing horizons and join the evolution today!

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