Racing Systems as Standard!

The SeaCart 26 is a piece of racing art fitted with the best brands in the business

The SeaCart 26 is a One Design racing boat that comes with advanced racing systems as standard. This reflects Oceanlake Marine’s philosophy where we strive to deliver the best and most effective solutions and systems on our boats – So there is no need for an extensive refit to get your boat up to racing level after delivery!

Hardware Harken, Karver, Antal, Spinlock, Tylaska, Lewmar, Custom made…
– Carbon beams, carbon rudder heads, carbon reinforcing on the three hulls
– Carbon mast in two parts, single spreader, Dyform diamonds stays (single adjustment)
– Custom built, pre-stretched, 12 tonne rated shrouds. Hull lashing through Antal rings
– Carbon boom including reef system, outhaul and all lines needed
– Harken under deck jib furler
– Most of the sailing hardware, such as blocks, cleats etc. from Harken
– Dyform furling forestay in two pieces
– Removable carbon bowsprit, sprint inside boat
– Custom built carbon staunchions, three at each float, and soft back support
– Custom built curved bow rail to prevent furled sails from going overboard
– Offset mounted New Harken two gear winch
– Custom built curved foil daggerboard cases in each float
– 1.8m long carbon curved foils (extra equipment)
– Unique lightweight folding system
– Quickly removable rudder blades
– Soft progrip on floats, mainhull bow, cockpit floor and seats

Here you can check out many detailed equipment pictures.

Sailing Systems Liros Dyneema, Karver, Custom made…
– Highest quality Dyneema halyards and sheets on all systems (whole boat more than 600m)
– Floating jib sheet points. Adjustable Antal sheet rings on each side. One line adjusts both sides
– Jib halyard system. 1:24 to cleat on jib tack
– Jib sheet big trim (1:2) and fine tune system (1:24). Fine tune lead up to windward float
– Main halyard through Spinlock at mast for easy hoist and reefing
– Main sheet big trim and fine tune system. Fine tune lead up to windward float for trimmer
– Extensive cunningham system adjustabe from windward side on each float
– Main outhaul system inside boom, led out to cleat on boom
– Gennaker furler Karver KF 1 including top swivel. Custom fast pin gennaker tack attachment
– Endless gennaker furling line. Triangularly led through two attached harken blocks
– Covers for foils, boat and mast available

The Code 0 systems (extra equipment)
The Code 0 are hoisted onto a Karver halyard lock. The deck Karver KF1 furler is attached to a 1:4 line system that goes through a side mounted Spinlock on deck, then to winch. This provides a high load purchase system (as on a VOR 70) to tension the halyard. When the tension is taken off the forestay (jib) the Code 0 luff loar is OK.

Code 0 Extras
– Karver KF1 furler including 1:2 tack sheeve
– Karver halyard lock, attachment point at mast is standard
– Code 0 sheet inhaul through hull fittings and harken cams at each side of mainhull
– Code 0 sheet outhaul attachment point at each float into cams at mainhull
– Antal Code 0 sheet clev rings
– Large Harken turning blocks at aft beam
– Dyneema highest quality racing sheets
– Endless furling line in Dyneema

Again! – Check out detailed equipment pictures here.

Trailer & Mast Raise! – Here you find New pictures

The SeaCart Team

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