SeaCart 26 Test by Torvar Mirsky and Gustav Morin

Torvar Mirsky and Gustav Morin put the SeaCart 26 to the test. Tim Shuwalow took Torvar and Gustav out for a spin on a late gusty summer day. Check out the result by clicking on the picture. Don’t miss if you would like to know how you can do boat tests in a fun and informative way (site in Swedish).

Torvar Mirsky: Often compared to the likes of match racing superstars such as James Spithill and Peter Gilmour, Torvar Mirsky is the new young gun to take the sailing world by storm.
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Gustav Morin: Gustav Morin has always found his inspiration of journalism in being a part of the action– instead of standing on the side watching it. In 2007 he joined the Victory Challenge team for the America’s Cup in Valencia as a grinder. The pretty unique mix of experience in yachting and media now got him the opportunity to experience the ultimate sailing adventure – joining Ericsson 3 as the media crew member for the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009.
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Swedish SeaCart 26 Cup for 2012 in the build – don’t miss out!

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