The Times They Are a-Changin’

Calle Hennix at Allt För Sjön boat show.

Gustav Morin, news anchor at, interviewed the SeaCart brand founder Calle Hennix at the Stockholm boat show ‘‘Allt förSjön’’, march 2012. Topics of the day was the multihull future and the upcomming SeaCart Multi Cup. Watch the Swedish interview by clicking on the picture. For all others here’s a short extract;

Calle: ‘‘Having Americas Cup as a driving force building world interest is good news for the new SeaCart 26. The timing is right as the SeaCart 26 is a perfect stepping stone for monohull sailors looking for a multihull that is easy to handle, forgiving in tough situations, yet a boat that provides all the cool features and the look you expect on a modern performance multihull. She fills a gap for non professionals who think multihulls are cool and like to find a boat to learn and develop themself and their team on’’

‘‘CMI and master boat builder Pom Green assure we got serious racing quality covered. If you are a regular racer in a any high level one design performance monohull class you’ll have no problem upgrading your game on a SeaCart 26 trimaran. During Cowes Week 2011 (her first outing by the way) she raced four days in heavy breeze gusting 32 knots TWS at times. Calle stress: Racing not surviving as you probably would on most high performance multihulls. It’s comforting knowing you have a boat that can participate in coastal races like Cowes Week, Round the Island Race, Heineken Regatta, San Fransisco…

Calle continues talking about the new SeaCart Multi Cup: ‘‘We will soon go public with partners and sponsors. Having a cup in place we glue the SeaCart 26 features into an interesting opportunity for sailors, companies and media. The SeaCart Multi Cup have all the ingredients to be a cost effective option for the non professionals (yet) looking for greater challenges in the future like the Extreme Series and ultimately Americas Cup. The SeaCart Multi Cup shall be a place where Olympic sailors as well as top amateurs have a chance to grow their skills in tough competition. That would create a fantastic foundation where teams can find new guns to the top level of the game.

The Times They Are a-Changin’ (as Bob Dylan wrote 1963, released 1964), is more than ever appliable on the sailing business today according to Calle – You have to build content on top of your boat concept to stay on top of your game!

With that said we end this session by looking at the SeaCart 26 test featuring Torvar Mirsky – One of the young guns out there.

The SeaCart Team

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