The Power of Branding

The SeaCart 26 at the boat show is a perfect example on how effectful repeated branding is. On a trimaran you have six hull sides to attach your art work on. Since the boat has the ability to sail on one hull* the vast variety of exciting angels on photo and video is almost endless. On the pictures we see that the SeaCart 26 is a mighty effectful branding platform on land as well.

This is good news for partners and sponsors in Scandinavia looking for a cost effective vehicle having a cup, a media plan and a TV schedule on the go for the 2012 season. The power of sailing is well known for it’s brilliant ability to connect people having the exclusive opportunity to give VIPs, clients, employees an exiting ride onboard. Added up this creates a tasteful package having a price tag and a ROI few marketing departments should have a problem to resist. So if you have sailing on your strategic agenda the SeaCart 26 package represent a smart way to involve your company in the way cool sailing future**.

*in full control like larger, and much more expensive, multihulls.
**Even tho old conservative Americas Cup is raced in multihulls nowdays.

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