Testsailing Sessions in Cannes

The road trip to Cannes took less than 48 hours from Stockholm via Malmö, (Bridge), Copenhagen, Rødby, (Boat), Puttgarten, Hamburg, Kassel, Lyon, Marsielle, St. Tropez, Cannes. The roads through Germany where just to bad (like a washboard) so on the way back we opted for another route; From Cannes, Genoa (ITA), Como, Switzerland, Pass of St Bernardinio, Lichtenstein, Austria (Bodensee), Germany, Münich, Berlin, Rostok, (Boat and 6 hours sleep) to Trelleborg (SWE), Malmö, Jönköping, Stockholm. Started Saturday 17:00 from Cannes, Some power sleep at the st Bernadinio pass, went through Germany on Sunday (1130km), boat to Trelleborg from Rostok 23:00, Monday 06:00 in SWE, 14:00 boat parked in Stockholm City. The eastern way up through Germany had much better roads (almost no bumps) and less traffic. Clearly the way to use on the way down as well in the future.

Cannes was solid 27 deg in the water and the air. We had quite a few sailors passing by and enjoying the laid back life and sailing around Cannes, to Monaco and st. Tropez. Finding mooring and a place to put the boat in the water is sometimes hard at the Riviera, we are not the most common boat type around like powerboats and monohulls. So the set up is not the best. Try  your finest French and always have a smile at hand and you will find a solution :)

The SeaCart Team

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