Testing Reef at Ornö Runt

Ornö Runt is a fantastic pre season race in the outskirt of the Stockholm Archipelago. Quite often light winds but this year we started out with a reef just because we liked to test a reef at some point having the new track fitted to the mast. Wind was gusting up to 24 knots so it was not to bad when we started the 16 NM transportation sail to the start line.

Arriving 30 sec late to the start made us just turn the top mark a go for it. Still with a reef wich was not the right configuration at the moment but we where doing well on the rest of the fleet. After some tacking and navigation in the north west shallow channels we stretched out on the first long upwind leg. After a few minutes we felt it was time to shake out the reef. That made a big different in performance having a full main and Code 0. Then we manage to pick the layline to the northern rounding mark and hoist the Gennaker. Then we took off and left the fleet in no time going for high speed and many gybes (big fun). In one of the gybes we suddenly managed to break all top three battens – Now the race was over for us having carbon going through the main all over the place. The only option to save the sail for the long way back was to opt for upwind (and home). You have to know when to stop pushing and make the decission that it’s over :( What a bugger. We got lot of sun, fun and plenty of sailing so it was a good day anyway – Right!

The SeaCart Team

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