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The SeaCart 26 One Design is the ultimate day racing trimaran designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. This new 26-foot ‘‘flying’’ machine is the result of a quest to create a One Design trimaran that delivers true high-performance for its size, and one that far exceeds expectations for a production boat.

The ultimate racing mix. Race with a crew of 3–4 in thrilling ‘around the buoys’ course races, just imagine a fleet of these boats on the starting line at international championships! Or if your crew is ready to go the distance you can take on all challengers in a race around an island or along the coast to really get your blood pumping!

A new benchmark in design. With the pedigree of the SC30 GP, this new class was created from a blank sheet. Wave-piercing bows, spray rails, retractable curved foils and an ergonomic cockpit it will put you ahead of the fleet in terms of performance and comfort. Epoxy/E-glass with carbon reinforcement, the hulls are light and strong. The SC26 can fly two hulls in full control!

You’ll have all the power you need with a high-aspect square-top mainsail and carbon wing mast, furling jib and gennaker in One Design configuration. Power up even more as you set off in a distance race by adding a Code 0 and larger Gennaker. Choose you favourite sailmaker to design your sail wardrobe within the ‘Box Rule’.

Brilliant performance off the water. The SC26 folds in just minutes thanks to a super-light and very efficient ‘harbour’ folding system. The mast stays upright when you fold the boat so you’ll always be ready for your next race. When it’s time to head to the next regatta the roll-on/roll-off cradle kit available will make light work of trailering. If that next regatta is overseas, then you and another team can easily pack your two boats into one 40-foot container!

Build technique. Full Female production tooling has been made over CNC machined masters ensuring accurate shape realization and high quality/low weight finish. Hull shells are moulded using machine impregnated epoxy/glass with carbon reinforcement and vacuum bagged in a single ‘hit’ process. PVC core is heat formed in one piece to ensure light/controlled core bond. Techniques used for high load structures include full carbon/epoxy matrix with infusion or vacuum wet preg, and high temp, pre-preg systems, with the most appropriate technique being chosen to obtain maximum strength and minimum weight.


By adding water stays to the SeaCart 30 GP Oceanlake Marine has proved that it is possible to have both a light and stiff platform at the same time. Through extensive campaigning of the SC30 GP we learned that it would also be a benefit if the platform was able to reduce to the comparitive width of monohull for marina docking and dry storage. So we set about achieving this with the mast still in place whilst berthed in marinas and yacht clubs, so the boat was always ready to sail. Oceanlake Marine has developed our own super light folding system for the SeaCart 26. The addition of water stays solves both storage and stiffness issues. When folding you can lock each side induvidually in any position by simply using two Spinlock cleats.

Curved Foils

All SeaCart 26 OD floats have a case built in for optional curved foils. Blind cases that are finished flush to the underside of the float shape are standard equipment. The additional curved foils will boost speed above 12–16 knots of True Wind Speed (TWS) and work as a safety feature when extra lift is required to help prevent the bow from diving. They will also reduce the amount of pitching in choppy seas when sailing upwind. These features help make the SeaCart 26 behave like a larger boat. The curved foils are extra equipment but integrated in the One Design rule. Learn more under the One Design Rule Notes section to the right.

Trailer and Cradle

The concept is a roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) solution for road trailers. We have developed a main hull cradle that has four interchangble wheels to suit different surfaces. We also developed a U-Beam Trailer Kit that fits on most standard trailers available. The kit contains two attachable U-Beams and two ramps that let you roll your boat on and off the trailer. This gives you a easy solution when arriving at a racing venue as there will be no need to launch the boat using a ramp. Just roll your boat off the trailer on to the ground and then manoeuvre using the cradle.

If you looking for a state- of-the-art trailer we have a Swedish supplier making tilting trailers that are constructed of light and durable aluminium and can be custom painted. They are manufactured for EU countries. Ask Oceanlake Marine for a quotation.

Mast Raising

Often one team member is responsible for transporting the boat to the next racing venue and ensuring the boat is ready when the race crew arrive. The Ro-Ro cradle makes it possible to unload the boat easily, and the Gin Pole Kit helps you simply raise the mast with minimum effort and maximum safety. Whilst one person could be capable of raising the mast we recommend that you ask another person to assist.

SeaCart 26 OD Specifications

Length incl. rudder 7.92 m / 26’
Beam 5.60 m / 18’4”
Beam Folded 2.33 m / 7’8”
Draft C/board down 1.49 m / 4’11”
Curved Foils/Dagger Boards Length 1.8m / 5’9’’
Weight ready to sail less than 800 kg / <1764 lb
Payload OD crew of min. 3 st. total 260 kg / <573 lb
Max payload 320 kg /< 706 lb
Mast Length 11.9 m / 39’1”
Mast Clearance Height 13 m / 42’65’’
Mast Circumference 534 mm / 1’75’’
CE Certificate by icnn

Design – Marc Lombard
Mast Design – Mark McCafferty
Deck Layout & Sail System – Pom Green and Calle Hennix
Technical Adviser – Mike Drummond
Sail plan & Flow Membrain runs by North Sails
Builder Composite Marine Int. / Thailand

One Design Sails:
Mainsail Area 28.8 m2 / 310 sq ft
Jib Area 11.9 m2 / 128 sq ft
Code Zero (0) 29.9 m2 / 322 sq ft
Gennaker Area 51 m2 / 548 sq ft

Note: Specifications are subject to change. Curved foils are extra equipment and part of the OD rule.

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Downloads & Viewing

SeaCart 26 OD Information Folder / 2D drawing / 6 Pages / pdf

Read the SC26 Information Folder online – Click Here!

General Description / Price Feb 2014 / SeaCart 26 OD & Clean / pdf

Sail Design

As for the SeaCart 30 we have had a close relationship with North Sails developing the final sail layout on the SeaCart 26 OD. However the choice of sailmaker will be open under the SeaCart 26 OD box rules. A box rule will apply to sails. Learn more about North Sails design thoughts and dowload 2D drawings and interactive 3D sail models here.

Sail and Bow Numbers

Sail numbers will start from 101 and acsend. Class Rules will prescribe that a boat’s sail number shall consist of three digits (for the foreseable future). Each boat shall also carry the sail letters applicable to her nationality as per the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing. Each boat will also have to display a bow number corresponding to her sail number affixed to both sides of the main hull for easy indentification during racing. Bow numbers will be mandatory under the class rules and will be available for purchase from Oceanalake Marine.

Sail numbers 004–100 are reserved and may be purchased permanently by an owner. In addition, sail numbers not allocated from 101–999 are available for purchase unless already allocated. Sail numbers may be purchased from Oceanlake Marine. Proceeds raised from the sale of sail numbers will be allocated to the establishment of a class association, promotion and operations. To reserve a sail number contact Oceanlake Marine.

Sail number 001, 002 and 003 will be permanently reserved for the winner, runner-up and third-place getter of the SeaCart 26 Gold Cup or World Championship. This sail number may be used exclusively by the owner for the period up to and including the next such championship.

Winners of Gold Cups or World Championships will earn the right to display a gold variation of the standard SeaCart 26 sail insignia for unrestricted future use.

One Design Rule Notes

Since the SeaCart 26 OD class rules will be written in due course. It is important to note a few aspects that are likely to be featured.

Only boats made by an Oceanlake Marine appointed builder(s) will be deemed a SeaCart 26. Oceanlake Marine will appoint the official boat builder(s) to manufacture the hulls and platform. Hulls and platforms will be built to tight tolerances.

The rig including mast, boom and standing rigging will be supplied by appointed manufacturer(s). The rigs will be one design with minimal tolerances.

During racing a minimum of three crew members are required whose combined weight is at least 260 kg (average 86,6 kg). The maximum number of crew is five.

Sails may be supplied by any manufacturer and must comply to box-rule and material regulations. The sail wardrobe will include; one mainsail (one reef), one jib (furling) and one gennaker (furling). Each boat may be equipped with a maximum of two new sets (one of each sail type) per year.

In racing mode the boats will have a minimum weight. Boats that fall under these weights will be permitted to use corrector weights in a designated position to achieve the minimum weight.

The curved foils are allowed in the one design rule. They are however an optional extra when purchasing a SeaCart 26 if not mention else.