Showtime for the SeaCart 26

Preparing the first SeaCart 26 for sailing – Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand.

The time had arrived! Everything certainly felt good the night before during the first ever test sail but it was time to see what this boat could do during daylight hours.

Over the next two days the test team were greeted by overcast days with scattered rain clouds that produced light, medium and moderate strength breeze in the range of 6–20 knots. Soon after taking to the water everyone was soon sporting big grins! The team members were comprised of sailors with backgrounds covering the complete spectrum of sailing from dinghies and beach cats to America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and everything else in between. The one thing they shared in common was that they were equally thrilled by the SeaCart 26’s exceptional performance and its easy handling. All agreed that the SC26 is very likely to be competitive with it’s big brother, the SeaCart 30 in moderate conditions which is something to be both proud of and excited about!

Pushing hard and starting to fly in the late afternoon breeze – 22.1 knots speed so far…

One aspect that surprised the entire team was how the curved foils on the floats felt beneficial in conditions below the expected wind range. Upwind the boat became very steady due to the foil greatly reducing pitching through a rather choppy sea state. The advantage was also very noticable downwind under gennaker. Instead of continually being driven into and through the backs of the waves the leeward bow was lifted so it was able to glide above and slice through some without resistance.

All in all everyone who got the chance to sail onboard the SeaCart 26 left in eager anticipation of great One Design class racing in times soon ahead!

Test Sailing Crew
Calle Hennix, OLM
Tim Shuwalow, OLM
Anders Lewander, North Sails
Pom Green, CMI
and prominent guests

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