Shipping in a 40 ft Container

Packing a SeaCart 26 trimaran might look hard but are in fact quite simple. To fit the height and beam inside a standard 40 ft container* we have to 1) remove the beams and trampolines 2) turn the floats so they face front to stern of the mainhull. The hard passage is through the container doors – after those it get spacier.

Storage: Centre boards, rudder heads are stored under the large hatch in the cockpit. Rudder foils, boom and long pool (with tiller extensions on) connecting each rudder head are fit inside the cockpit and through the mast step bulkhead hole leading into the forward compartment. Sails, battens is stored on the cockpit floor. Fenders etc. inside the forward compartment which you enter through the forward deck hatch. Mast goes on top of the mainhull on flat fenders to keep the height as low as possible.

Below pictures of the process and step to step comments. Enjoy!

Port float is removed by disconnect the four beam bolts, nuts and washers. Bolt on a piece of wood where the float use to sit. We used the same bolt kit as for the floats (guess we where lucky). Two persons easily carry one side that includes; two beams, trampoline and connector wood. Remove the four (4) hinge pins and tie the two hinge around the beam (don’t disconnect them from the beam). This make it easier to assamble at destination.

No need to use fancy carts. The floats can be on the ground – when loading just turn the mainhull and road trailer 180 degrees and load. Note that the soft material which the floats rests on in road driving mode (top picture)  is changed to wood cradles on each side of the mainhull. This is not a must, you can keep the soft material and strap the float to the mainhull. Move the mast forward so the trailer hit the container back wall first. It’s a nice feature that the mast fit inside the container in one piece. The trailer rear light panel was removed and tied on the trailer side under the mainhull.

Then roll the beauty inside the container slow and foremost straight at the centerline. We had carpet protecting the float sides at loading. Four straps was used to secure the trailer, two in the back and two in the front lined forward and backwards to the container floor hooks. Then we moved the front of the mast to the right hand side of the opening to make room for the two beam and trampoline kits. We fitted a strap around the mast from side to side attached to the container roof half way up the mast. Make sure you have plenty of soft materials at hand, like styrofoam (white stuff on pictures), carpets (blue stuff on pictures). We used in total 8 straps and one 4:1 handybilly + a few ropes.

Road trailer and boat in the background, hand brake is on. Beam and trampoline kit’s to the right.

Beam, trampolines and mast secured just inside the container doors. Now we just have to close the door and wave goodbye!

*Standard 40 ft Container. Door: Height 2,28m, Width 2,34m. Inside: Height 2,39m, Width 2,35m, Length 12,03m.

Here’s a link to the rebuild session

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