SeaCart Multi Cup Presentation

All four pictures from our informative cup presentation having six pages in total.

Check this out if you’re a Sailor looking to enter a competetive multihull cup or a Company looking for an unique cost effective market opportunity in sailing; that includes hospitality, team building and ProAm events. The new SeaCart Multi Cup (SMC) offer a format where companies can wrap up a to top level racing team without spending heaps of money.  SMC is a sporty, fresh, environmental friendly platform that have all the ingredients, including TV, to vitalize and expand your brand and brand experience in Scandinavia.

Download Presentation (pdf)

Read Presentation Online – Click Here!

Feel free to contact Oceanlake Marine anytime.

Whyshore Events are an experienced cup and event organizer

Monday Production have produced sailing TV for years including VOR and Americas Cup

The presentation also include links to deeper information – Produce you own sales pitch!

The SeaCart Team

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