SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Final in Stockholm

The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Grand Prix final 2012 was held in Stockholm City at the famous race course, Riddarfjärden where novelties like Chris Dickson and Pelle Petterson have had many tough battles during the years. Now sailing is back through the Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix with a new format featuring SeaCart 26 trimarans, X35 yachts, Dragons and Kona windsurfers. Event partners, sailing teams and their partners believe a big season final Grand Prix in the city hosting Swedens largest economy is the way to give more people a chanse to experience sailing and connect to the businesses in town.

Team Martin Strömberg blasting upwind

The Friday ProAm race day where invited guests race for fun with selected professionals was imensly apprechiated amongst partners and guests. Having the cup final in the Stockholm downtown make sense. Providing space for partners to show their products is a must and an effective way to activate the audience and people walking by. Hosting the final pricegiving in the central park Kungsträdgården, where a car show was going on, gave our partners a chanse to network car and sailing guests under the same roof. In all the weekend turned out to be a huge success for partners and sailing teams.

Team Samsung Challenge making way on the short Stockholm City race course.

The sailing conditions on Riddarfjärden are known to be famously tricky to say the least giving sailors plenty of chanses to show who is king or the ones biting the bullet. The short courses offered clear favours on one side of the starting line, wind shifts wearing 45 degrees or more and wind going from 5 knots to 25 knots in the gusts. That’s a good recepy for a funky ‘‘play ground’’ where a clear fist place could end up last after the last run to the finish. Frustrating at times? Yes! Still the same for all teams and it evens out during the regatta.

Stockholm City Townhouse in the background.

At the final day, Sunday, Team All Stars and Samsung Challenge where on tie points. Even better, the score was still on tie before the last race after Team All Stars put their pedal to the metal passing Samsung Challenge only 30 meters before the finish line. So it was quite tense onboard when the five minute gun went off. Team Strömberg got a good start close to the flag, Team All Stars came out nicly close to the starting vessel having Team Samsung Challenge to leeward. At the windward mark Team All Stars was in a clear lead running out on starboard searching for the right gybe angle to the leeward mark. After the gybe the wind died badly on Team All Stars. That was the moment no one like to be in! A sitting duck with plenty of playground around for other teams to pass. Team All Stars could’t find the time to repair the damage leaving Team Samsung Challenge to defillibrate to the finish line as the 2012 SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Champions. Well sailed by the young guns onboard Samsung Challenge.

Happy SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Champions 2012.

Anders Lewander skipper of Team All Stars this weekend.

All sailors and partners now look forward to the 2013 Multi Cup with additional teams on the starting line. If you are interested to participate with your own team, you don’t need to be Swedish, send us a note. We will soon have more Multi Cup information to present so keep in touch!

More pictures below and plenty of larger pictures in the Gallery section.

Tight racing having four classes packed on the same course.

Team Martin Strömberg howling upwind in the gusts.

Team All Stars making way through the field.

Full action after rounding. Team Martin Strömberg.

The young gun, Tom Gross, onboard Samsung Challenge looking for an opening.

On top of the game Team Samsung Challenge is ready for a mark rounding.

Pricegiving party at Kungsträdgården. TV interwiev with Andreas Oden from channel TV4 Sport.

Team Samsung Challenge are throned the Multi Cup Champions 2012. Congratulations!

Multi Cup Schedule 2012
Grand Prix 1 Stockholm, Sandhamn 9–10 June √
Grand Prix 2 Stockholm, Big Boat Race, Nacka Strand, 16–17 June √
Grand Prix 3 Stockholm, ÅF Offshore Race, 29–30 June √
Grand Prix 4 Lysekil ‘‘at Lysekil Women’s Match’’, 10 August √
Grand Prix 5 Stenungsund and Tjörn Runt, 17–18 August √
Grand Prix 6 Nynäshamn, 15–16 September √
Grand Prix 7 Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix Riddarfjärden, 22–23 September √

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