SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2012 Review

The Multi Cup 2012 Review is full of information and quotes from sailors, partners and media. Use this cracking document and promo video to inspire fellow sailors, captain’s and/or for partner presentations. We like to see your team on the starting line in May 2013!

The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup is a cost-effective racing series featuring 6 to 7 Grand Prix events on peerless venues along Sweden’s east and west coasts. Contests vary from exciting city races, to speed tracks, to coastal navigation courses. Teams have to master tight racing on a variety of different courses and conditions. With our media platform, TV shows and ProAm days running over the season, the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup stands out as one of few turnkey sailing series on the planet, providing Racing Teams, Partners and Sponsors with the right tools to fulfill their ROI expectations.

We welcome international teams to join the Multi Cup 2013. Sweden is magical in the summertime in many ways, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to dive deep into Sweden‘s culture and at the same time get loads of fantastic races under your belt!

With that said we look forward to the 2013 season having more teams on the starting line. The race schedule will be presented in due time. The 2012 schedule is what we work from and we expect the Stockholm Grand Prix to be the last GP in the cup.

2012 Review content: 16 pages of information and quotes from sailors, partners and media. Use the pdf as slide show alt. print and distribute as booklet.

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Link to Youtube featuring the TV Show ‘‘Segling’’ broadcasted on channel TV4 Sport

Review example.

Review example.

For the record: The Multi Cup Schedule 2012
Grand Prix 1 Stockholm, Sandhamn 9–10 June √
Grand Prix 2 Stockholm, Big Boat Race, Nacka Strand, 16–17 June √
Grand Prix 3 Stockholm, ÅF Offshore Race, 29–30 June √
Grand Prix 4 Lysekil ‘‘at Lysekil Women’s Match’’, 10 August √
Grand Prix 5 Stenungsund and Tjörn Runt, 17–18 August √
Grand Prix 6 Nynäshamn, 15–16 September √
Grand Prix 7 Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix Riddarfjärden, 22–23 September √

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