SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series 2014


The SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series is for you guys and girls who asked for more. Make no mistake, the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup is the commercial prime event we communicate to sponsors, partners and media. Your willingness to get out there for more races we do support by all means so let us present the first draft of the ‘‘soon to be famous’’ Interceptor Series 2014. Note the cool ‘‘Double Handed Archibash’’ – Don’t you think that sounds like a seriously fun race with a mate?!

SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series
IS 1. East Coast, Lidingö Runt, Nacka Strand . May 9–12
IS 2. East Coast, Ornö Runt . May 24
IS 3. East Coast, Sandhamn Open, MC14GP1 . June 6–8
IS 4. East Coast, Big Boat Cup, Nacka Strand, MC14GP2 . June 13–15
IS 5. East Coast, ÅFIR Inshore Race GP . June  28–30
IS 6. West Coast, Tjörn Runt / (alt. Malmö Kalaset) . August  15–17
IS 7. East Coast, Raid Revenge, Last leg to Nynäshamn!?, MC14GP3 . August  22–24
IS 8. East Coast, Hyundai Cup, Nynäshamn . August  30
IS 9. East Coast, Double Handed Archibash, Nynäshamn–Xxxxxx and back . September 6–7
IS 10. East Coast, Nynäshamn GP, Sunday race to Saltsjöbaden, MC14GP4 . September 12–14
IS 11. East Coast, Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix, MC14GP5 . September 20–22
Draft version 0,8 / Schedule may be adjusted / Revisited February 10

The SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series 2014
Consists of all 11 GP’s. The total points is calculated from the 8 best results. IS 11, also Multi Cup GP 5, is a must do GP. The day prior to all events can be a ProAm day.

More information about the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014 you find here

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