Tjörn Runt. SeaCart 26 Claim First, Second & Third!

Multi Cup Grand Prix 4, Tjörn Runt. Saturday’s Multi Cup race around the Tjörn island (Sweden 6th largest) became an epic three boat SeaCart 26 battle in winds reaching 18–20 knots after the first miles of weak preassure. Team Martin Strömberg, Samsung Challenge skippered by Klabbe Nylöf and Team SeaCart All Stars skippered by Calle Hennix with today’s top deck hand crew; Mats Johansson and Karl Jakob ‘‘Jaco’’ Gustavsson (first timers on a SeaCart 26).

To spice up our 18 competitor group the Swedish 2012 Olympic gold Star sailor Fredrik Lööf and Max Salminen did race one of the two M32 catamaran’s, the second skippered by Olympian and Americas Cup sailor Mattias Rahm. After a light wind start and some tricky navigation the playground opened up at the same time the wind picked up. The upwind start transformed to an open stretch all the way down to the southern tip of Tjörn. ‘‘We made some clever moves after a late start and closed in on the M32’s on the stretch south averaging 15–18 knots on a tight reach flying two hulls most of the time says Calle Hennix’’. Turning right a the southern tip of Tjörn the Gennaker was hoisted and Samsung Challenge closed in on the SeaCart All Stars in a high speed battle going north.

The three SeaCart 26’s a few minutes after the start

The SeaCart All Star Team lost their big picture navigation and was searching for the Kyrkösund passage without any success. ‘‘When we passed Fredrik Lööfs turtled M32 cat in one of the bay’s we realized we where lost says Calle with a smile’’. Team Strömberg did get a slow start but picked up speed along the way and beeing a local sailor the navigation around the island was a treat. Samsung Challenge charging hard and succeeded to pass the SeaCart All Stars Team on the way north in a furious jibe battle reaching 20–25 knots of boat speed, Big Fun!  Klabbe Nylöf skipper of Samsung Challenge has plenty of Tjörn Runt races under his belt so when their navigation instruments got out of order Klabbe’s local knowledge came in handy to find the passage through the northern tip of the Tjörn island. The SeaCart All Stars Team thought this was the passage into Kyrkösund not realizing it was actually the passage to the final finish sprint!

Samsung Challenge Tjörn Runt winner 2012 in the multihull class

During the race the SeaCart 26 trimaran showed her potential when all three crew’s was able to push hard all the way around feeling safe. Having Samsung Challenge finishing 20 minutes behind the first M32 and 7 seconds before the second is a good statement of her speed potential and ease to learn to sail and handle in a short time (Team Strömberg have had 5 outings to date). Team All Star finished 2 minutes behind Samsung Challenge and Team Strömberg another 28 minutes behind. The SeaCart 26 ended up 1, 2, 3 in the Multihull Class on corrected time (SRS respite system). If multihulls and monohulls had been one class the SeaCart 26 had ended up 1,2 and 4. Having five top class multihulls filled with star sailors that use to be monohull sailors mark’s a shift and was the ‘‘talk of the town’’ among crew’s, press and the general public this weekend. The future is looking good for multihulls.

Martin Strömberg about the race. ‘‘Overall we feel we had a good race with regard to the small amount of time we have spent in the boat so far. We feel we are improving and getting to know the boat better each outing, still of course a long way to go, but trying to soak up as much knowledge as we can of the other teams. In the meantime we are having fun; the offshore downwind leg on the outside of Tjörn with speeds above 20 knots was a great experience and the boat felt stable all the time’’

Karl Jakob Gustavsson onboard the SeaCart Team All Stars / Black Swan Match Racing Team; ’’‘‘The SeaCart 26 is like a big dinghy where the crew weight placement make a big difference on performance. She was furiously fast in all directions weather you where pushing hard upwind, reaching or downwind. The lifting foils give loads of upforce and added speed, forgiveness and safety! She is a big thrill and pure high speed fun’’

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More pictures will be posted in due time.

Multi Cup Schedule 2012
Grand Prix 1 Stockholm, Sandhamn 9–10 June √
Grand Prix 2 Stockholm, Big Boat Race, Nacka Strand, 16–17 June √
Grand Prix 3 Stockholm, ÅF Offshore Race, 29–30 June √
Grand Prix 4 Lysekil ‘‘at Lysekil Women’s Match’’, 10 August √
Grand Prix 5 Stenungsund and Tjörn Runt, 17–18 August √
Grand Prix 6 Nynäshamn, 15–16 September
Grand Prix 7 Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix Riddarfjärden, 22–23 September

The SeaCart 26 Team & Whyshore Events

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