CFD Study – Curved Foils Evolution

Picture of the mighty CFD number crunching

Evolution of the foils – The evolution of the new SeaCart 26 continues with a revision of the ama foil design. The original fixed foil design has been updated by Marc Lombard and his team. CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamic) tests pitched various configurations against one another, including no foil at all, the initial design, and a new one. The result – the new high aspect curved asymmetric foil gave a significantly improved lift-to-drag ratio (400kg up force). Increased lift will effectively reduce wetted surface and improve speed.

The benefits provided by the retractable ama foils will come into effect with medium true wind speeds in the vacinity of 14–16 knots. The lift provided will enable to helmsman to push the boat harder with confidence that the leward bow won’t be suseptable to nose diving as would be the case without the foil. Although the ama foils will be an additional extra when purchasing a SeaCart 26, it is expected that they will be popular to achieve maximum performance from the boat. This being the case they will likely be included in the class rules.

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