SC26 at the Kings Cup 2013

Onboard ‘‘Sweet Chariot’’ – The first pimped SeaCart 26 trimaran having a 2m longer mast. The standard jib (forstay) was removed in favour of a dyneema forstay around the prodder (bowsprit). Larger Jib and Code 0 on halyard lock and a furler at the bottom. Achieved better performance, especially  upwind, under 10 knots TWS. The Kings Cup is Asias largest and oldest regatta having a fine mix between sailing and shore activities. Wind is normally lower than 10 knots (hot 30 degree warm wind pressure) in average so the trend is to rule optimize and special built boats for those conditions (cats having high dog houses are in favour under OMR).

The mighty superlight supercat in the background rate lower than the SeaCart 26.

Plenty of good starts & rounding first at the upwind mark was not enough to beat the supercats.

The SeaCart Team

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