Rebuild from Container Shipping

A few days late the boat arrived to St. Maarten. Monday Morning at 10:00 we see our container for the first time in five weeks. We built the boat during Monday and got her ready for mast and splashing. First thing next morning we put her in the water. Here we present how we rebuilded her to a trimaran plus few tips on the way. Enjoy!

Beams and seats lean on the container. Slowly rolling out the boat.

Beams attached to the floats ready to be assambled whith the main hull. Mast on the ground to the left.

Beams, yokes, waterstays and rudder assambled. Now she’s ready for the water and mast.

Shiny and well polished hulls.

Mast pulled forward (using the gennaker halyard) to make room for the lifting strops and crane hook. Check how loose the jib on the forestay is!

Gennaker halyard tight. Forestay lose. Plenty of Mc. Lube spray on the centre board.

Better than sweet, she floats, mast pulled back to sailing position – all systems go!

Here’s the link to the container packing session!

Link to the SeaCart 26 tips & tricks page on Pinterest

The SeaCart Build Team

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