It’s Time to Decide

One boat, two boats or a fleet? Either way, you’ll be purchasing the ultimate One Design inshore and coastal racing trimaran. When buying a boat from Oceanlake Marine we like to ensure you are able to enjoy your new SeaCart 26 from the moment it arrives.

Extended Warranty

An exclusive cxtended factory warranty is available. Upgrade from the standard 12 month warranty to 24 or 36 months at an additional cost of 2% and 3.6% of boat price respectively. The warranty covers the hulls and platform, mast, boom and foils. Sails and running rigging are not included.

**Assembly Service

When you buy a boat from Oceanlake Marine we can offer free assembly of your new SeaCart by one of our expert Service Representatives (Stellman, an experienced SeaCart service provider). The Stellman is your assurance that you’ll get First Class service when you assemble your boat. The Stellman is not only a perfectionist who knows the product thoroughly, he is also a knowledgable multihull sailor. For an additional fee he will stay an extra day and make sure you receive some tips on the water when you sail the boat for the first time. The Stellman offer only applies to buyers in certain regions.

Within Europe:
One boat deal; One day for free, additional days may be purchased.
Two or four boat deals; Two or three days respectively for free, additional days may be purchased.

Other Regions: Our objective is to offer the same free Stellman facility as in Europe including the possibility to purchase additional days. This will be available when we have trained and certified Stellmans in place.

Read more about how to book a Stellman here.

* Delivery in a 40 foot container

All boats are sold Ex Works. Delivery take place at the Composite Marine International factory in Thailand. Two boats fit inside a standard 40-foot shipping container. Order a cradle that runs wheels for easy container loading and also integral for road trailer loading. Additional U-beam trailer kits are available and can be mounted on a standard trailer. See the Specification page for further information.

Sail in Thailand!

Participate in SeaCart College and benefit from expert coaching, tuning advice and racing during the Northern Hemisphere winter. Read on…

Price Update

On a world market having large industries demanding huge amount of material we have seen steady increased costs in build material. Read on… In the OD alternative we updated the sailplan added tougher sail cloth to the Gennaker and a 3DL Code 0, the latter now included in the OD configuration. Updated specifications and price list (downloads) you find at the Specifications Page.

Payment Plan

The payment plan is normally set in four stages:
1) Order Confirmation –
secure your boat, a 10% non-refundable Pre-Order deposit accompanied by a signed contract is required.
2) Project Start -
120 days prior to project start the the price and currency is locked through a futures contract (Termin), a payment of 40% is required.
3) Mainhull Start -
30 days prior to the building of the main hull commencing, an additional 35% payment is required.
4) Build Complete –
When the build is complete and prior to shipping, a 15% payment plus additional items ordered after the contract signing is required. When all payments have been received, including shipping costs to shipper, your boat is shipped to your chosen destination.

If you would prefer to pay all except the final stage intially when the order is placed, we do so by setting the price and locking in the currency in a futures contract (Termin).

Be aware that local VAT, customs and import fees may have to be paid in your home country. The boat/s are sold Ex Works. Delivery will take place at the CMI factory in Thailand.