Multi Cup Valdemarsviks GP 3

The Multi Cup Valdemarsvik GP 3 took place August 9–11 in sunny and blistering conditions. Thunder, lightening, heavy rain and everyting between in wind strength made the GP stick out as one of the trickiest to date. No one would said sailing is easy having exeptional weather changing the game of play every 5th minutes but you have to cope and make the best of it.

Four hours south of Stockholm (in a car with a road trailer at the back) is Valdemarsvik and Gryts Varv located. Here they have a very good arena offering the public, 600 at this event, narrow races and coastal navigational tracks around islands for the sailors. You can stay at cosy hotel at Gryts Varv to make the stay more intense regarding having a chat (and a few beers) with your sailing mates. Quite a few happy ProAm sailors got their feets warm testing the mighty SeaCart 26 trimaran.

Online TV . Show: Segling . SeaCart 26 Clip starts 15:15 min into the program . Click here!

Result: Team All Stars came out on top followed by Outdoor Event and Team Samsung.

The SeaCart Team

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