Multi Cup Stockholm GP 4

Stockholms Grand Prix at Riddarfjärden in Stockhoms City is famous for delivering a varity of wind shifts and change of derections within seconds. The five crews have to have their mindset open. A ’’keep calm and carry on’’ mode is recommended because a big loss can easily change to a great triumph before you know it. The tight sailing arena really test the crews skills regarding boat handling and gear changes. That’s the beauty of sailing here! With one point to second boat Team All Stars had their luck on their side 2013. Ever charging Outdoor Events, Anders Lewander at the helm, finished second. Fast runner up, Swedish Youth Challenge, having Sandra Sandqvist (in charge of one Nacra 17 olympic campaign) at the helm, showed good pace in the upper wind range this weekend (gusting up to 12 TWS).

Happy and tired champs. Saturday was a big night out.

Bridge and carbon art

From salt to fresh water in minutes. Hammarby lock south of the southern island.

30 horse power is all you need to travel real fast in no wind. Note; full deployed
curved foils.

The SeaCart 26 Racing Team

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