Multi Cup Big Boat GP

The classic Stockholm inshore race ’’Big Boat Cup’’ wheras the Multi Cup is invited amongst the old classic and moderns big yachts in Sweden is a fantastic event where you need to be on top of your act to score. If not you end up third, like Team All Stars did, after hard work grinding out a quite big lead turning the bottom mark. They looked like they where in control. But hey what did they expect trying to tack having problems with their Code 0 furler? Team All Stars  where passed on the final strech by both Team Samsung (Helmed by Pontus Johansson) and Team Outdoor Event (Helmed by Anders Lewander). Team Swedish Youth Challenge for the Red Bull Americas Cup ‘‘Artemis’’ (Helmed by Charlie Ekberg) ended up 4 and Coworks (Helmed by Henrik Dillman) closed the gate. This is the second year we race the BBC and the regatta dinner is always a big treat (if you dare – check out the last picture). Thanks again GYC!

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