Multi Cup at Lysekil Women’s Match

The SeaCart 26 fleet goes west. After a few intense days moving the boats on road trailer to the west coast (Stockholm–Lysekil) we got three days of perfect conditions. During the Friday race the Multi Cup teams got the chanse to file in a start at the Lysekil Women Match race track. Our newest racing team skippered by Martin Strömberg, just back to Sweden after winning the Volvo Ocean Race 11/12 onboard Groupama, now onboard SWE 026. The crew is a blend of friends but mainly based around Emil Wiberg and Johan Wikman as trimmer and floater. They are all long time members of the racing team Svea but newbies to multihulls and the SeaCart 26 so they have some catching up to do. But hey those guys are talented and ambitious so they have set a warp speed training program in place to bring them proper up to speed and into the game!

Back to the race where Calle Hennix his All Stars Team made a perfect port on the gun start and did looked good for the first five minutes sailing out on the right hand side of the course. Samsung Challenge skippered by Klabbe Nylöf followed by Team Strömberg, went for starboard start striving for the left hand side of the course close to the shore close. With dropping wind and a tide pushing the boats away from the windward mark the game changed. At the first windward mark Samsung Challenge was in the lead followed by team All Stars and team Strömberg. After a close rounding the tacktick was clear; Cover the others and try to sneak past – and/or: stay away from those trying to pass you! After a tight downwind leg Samsung and All Star team came in neck and neck to the leeward mark leaving no room for errors. After a crucial close rounding team All Stars came out on top a place they where able to keep until the finish. Second to finish was Samsung Challenge and Team Strömberg finished third.

We all look forward to the Tjörn Runt* race next weekend and the tune up on Friday.
*The race with most entries on the west coast in Sweden.

Calle Hennix; ‘‘Visiting the Lysekil Womans Match has been a very uplifting racing experience at an interesting melting pot where we have meet many of the nice professional and helpful event staff and their partners. By visiting and racing in Lysekil the class has prove that we can make a quite big reallocation from one coast to the other in a couple of days with limited recourses. This is important for team, partners and sponsors looking at the Multi Cup as a future sailing and marketing platform that provide a format that is both cool and fast and yet cost effective and filled with media and TV’’

More quotes is to be posted in due time.

Multi Cup Schedule 2012
Grand Prix 1 Stockholm, Sandhamn 9–10 June √
Grand Prix 2 Stockholm, Big Boat Race, Nacka Strand, 16–17 June √
Grand Prix 3 Stockholm, ÅF Offshore Race, 29–30 June √
Grand Prix 4 Lysekil ‘‘at Lysekil Women’s Match’’, 10 August √
Grand Prix 5 Stenungsund and Tjörn Runt, 17–18 August
Grand Prix 6 Nynäshamn, 15–16 September
Grand Prix 7 Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix Riddarfjärden, 22–23 September

Pictures by © Malcolm Hanes

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