Multi Cup ÅFIR GP

The Start of the ÅF Inshore Race take place behind the royal castle in the middle of Stockholm City. That’s a good start of a race stretching 40 NM to the outskirt of the 30,000 island archipelago. All wind predictions and routening don’t seems to fit the reality but we fancy this – It reminds us of the Archipelago Raid where you have to make the best out of whatever there is.

We saw all five boats in the lead during the intence race having loads of gear changes challenging the crews skills. Half way into the race Team All Stars made a few clever moves and could consolidate their lead wich they protected all the way to the finish line.

Result: Team All Stars, Outdoor Events, Swedish Youth Challenge (Artemis), Samsung Challenge, Coworks.

Sailing Pictures from the race – Click here!

The SeaCart Team

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