Build Underway on the First SeaCart 26

Picture 1, 2: CNC milled main hull halves before final finishing

At Composite Marine International – Oceanlake founder, Calle Hennix, recently visited Thailand to spend time at the CMI factory prior to the build of the first SC26. The float moulds are ready for the first hulls to be laid up. The foam core has already been heat formed in the moulds and awaits the outer skin to be laid up before the core is added to the lamination. As the build of the floats takes place the main hull plug will receive the final touches to the surface finish before a mould is taken from it.

Calle reviewed and evaluated the systems to be used on the SC26 at length with CMI’s Production Manager to ensure the best possible solutions right from the outset. SC26 designer Marc Lombard has also redesigned the optional curved foils for the floats. The foils will now be fully retractable so they may be deployed when conditions are such that they will benefit performance, when not they may be lifted to reduce drag.

No sooner than Calle had returned from Thailand, he was off again. This time to the famous METS trade show in Amsterdam. Calle spent valuable time meeting with international suppliers, including those who will provide deck hardware and rig components for the SC26.

In the meantime, Tim Shuwalow has been responding to inquiries from all around the world. Interest so far has been very promising. Tim’s confident that fleets are set to develop quickly in many countries across all continents.

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