How to book a Service Representative ‘Stellman’

This free service is quite unique. At Oceanlake Marine (OLM) we feel it’s crucial to ensure that you get the best possible service when receiving you new boat. Until we have a Stellman in place close to you at “Open Stellman Areas” OLM will cover the cost of sending a Stellman to an International Airport close to your destination, and you will have him with you for free during one day. Be sure to pick the Stellman up and have your boat ready for assembly. If you like to add in some extra days for sailing and coaching you can do so at an additional fixed day rate + living costs (ex. bed and food). Extra days have to be scheduled in advance so the flight tickets can be booked for the correct days.

Stellman services are currently available in:
Europe / major cities serviced by pan European airlines
Thailand / Sales Agent / Service Center / at CMI Factory

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