Hollænder Seilasen in Norway

A race that’s always windy turned out to be the opposite. No one can remember having conditions like this ever. So to say we had a fair chanse to score is an understatement. Newer the less we got a run for our money spending record time on the water. As you can see on the pictures there was as close to calm you can get – we spent more than two hours hard concentrated sailing (drifting) the last 150 meters to the finish line – against the current of course! Son and the race is a very nice experience so don’t miss out next year!

The calm before the start, and after :)

Who’s on starboard? No one knows?

Ole Martin enjoy finishing the race after record time (longest ever) – plenty of boats did not finish!

Surflength on the toe rope is a toing must!

Ready to Race!

Refreshments in form of Fiji water is always onboard.

Ready for folding.

One float.

Second float.

Done, now mast down using A-frame system.

Here we go. 3:1 purchase system hooked on the bowsprit – rope goes to winch.

Cover on before loading on the road trailer

Done and dusted – Ready for a road trip

The SeaCart Team

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