Heineken Regatta 2014

Team All Stars; Calle, Gilla, Walle. All nicknames end with an ‘‘e’’ or ‘‘a’’ in Sweden!

The famous 34th Heineken Regatta (March 6–9) at Saint Martin in the Caribbean was of course a hilarious experience. Sailing both in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean make the conditions and wave state mighty shifting. This is interesting and make sure you get plenty of gear changes in each race. The courses are coastal navigational around boyes and islands so you better have your navigational skills in place when travelling in +20 knots gettin fire hoosed every second wave. We used our strong wind sails ie smaller main and gennaker, because it’s normally windy sailing over here. We sailed a very good regatta making few mistakes but unfortunately the rating was out of bound for us during this regatta (at Les Voiles de St. Barth the rating reflected the reality a lot better) – We rated higher than the 60 ft Gunboats and almost as high as the winner, a 40 ft racing cat ‘‘Soma’’. Soma sailed a solid regatta so they deserve the top spot regardless the rating issues. Well done! Below pictures and link’s to videos as well.

The Yacht Club by the bridge. Two times a day there will be a glamorous bridge opening show!

That’s a nice start by the SeaCart 26 / Check video > Click on the picture!

Rain squalls give you goose bumps when your left in the wake.

The Code 0 is a fine weapon in the light stuff, but you need some wind to make a sail work!

Walle cleaning up the salt-getto – Rain rinse the boat in a minute – We like!

Low and slow (Melges motto) is the way to stay in touch sailing under the rating rule.

Howling South East 120 deg. TWA outside Orient Beach, Saint Maarten. Mighty swells here!

The little bugger, SeaCart 26, love Power Reaching. No brake down’s here – Just power on!

When bearing off we thought the Gennaker was a go. We didn’t do the math right :)

Wahoo! +23 knots feels like flying – Pretty cool sailing in this part of the world.

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You bet our objective is to sail the Heineken Regatta again!

The SeaCart Racing Team

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