Folding Mast Up & Mast Raise System

Here the SeaCart 26 OD is ready for folding on the road trailer letting the shrouds take 80% of the float weight. We use whatever we have in our hands to get the boat on the road trailer. Most common are; slipway on road trailer or slings and a crane/forklift. Here we go;

One float folded. Ease out 20–40cm of the shroud when folding to get the float on the trailer. The weight is front heavy so we use an aluminium U-bar and a carpet dressed ‘‘skate’’ board having three centered wheels mounted on the backside that slide inside the U-bar. This system take preassure off the front folding man. On the U-bar outer end we use an aluminium T-support (or a alu. ladder as on the picture above). When folded secure the float with two slings.

Here a picture if you fold the port float first.

Both floats folded, the starboard slings are at display. Now mast down using A-frame system as you see mounted in the front of the picture.

Here we go. 3:1 purchase system hooked on the bowsprit – rope end leads to the winch.

Cover on before loading

Done and dusted – Ready for the road trip back to Stockholm.

or to Cannes in France!

Slipway launch using a road trailer and an Audi A4.

Forklift and slings. Mast in front the forks!

Use two blocks of styrofoam as stands. Easy to tip the boat from one side to the other.

The SeaCart Team

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