Floats, Flintstones and Facebook

Completed float halves before joining.

The first float halves have been laminated and are ready for joining. The PVC foam core was first pre-formed in one piece inside the moulds before being taken out prior to gelcoat being applied. The laminate of E-glass and foam was then added before vacuum bagging taking place. Internal frames and bulkheads have been inserted into one half, the next step will be to join the vertical halves and finish. The hull will be complete – stay tuned!

There’s been a lot of focus recently surrounding the new AC multihulls with references to the Flintstone and Facebook generations. Being a new multihull on the market we thought that SeaCart Trimarans should have a Facebook page of its own. So if you’re a member of the Facebook generation, or part of the Flintstone generation who uses Facebook, ‘Like’ our page and be kept up to date with news and stories. We’ll also broadcast news and events via Twitter, follow us there too!

Added 2010-12-16 at 13:32
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