First to Finish Tour de Belle-Ile

We got 15 sec. of  fame at the podium plus an article in the local news paper

The SeaCart 26 was the first boat to finish the ‘‘petit Tour de Belle-Ile’’ course outside La Trinite sur Mer in France. After a slow downwind start in almost no wind we rounded the Belle-Ile north west gate having the Code 0 ready as our upwind genoa. In very light conditions we sailed a slightly higher course than other boats wich I believe projected less foil area against the tide.

We had the same speed as other boats that sailed a lower course to get close to shore faster and potential less tide. Half way down the coast of Belle-Ile we had room to crank off a few degrees and accelerate.

A few minutes later the wind filled in to 8–12 TWS and we blasted through the feild in warp speed doing 15– 17 knots. When we passed the last gate in the south east corner there was few boats ahead of us. The wind was quite fluky and we would probably been faster if we keept the Code 0 for a while before shifting to the jib. We did’nt so we had a few thought miles until we passed the gate to the bay of Quiberon. From then on we had full upwind power, 16–24 TWS, having full main and jib. We where not 100% satisfied with the upwind speed in the end but on the other hand we took line honour on the 37 NM course, time: 7h 15min.

We got many nice cheers from multihull pros like Francis Joyon (Idec), Sidney Gavignet (MOD 70 Oman), Michel Desjoyeaux (MOD 70 Foncia), Brian Thompson (MOD 70 Oman, Maxi Banque Populaire record) and the 50 foot Trimaran teams… They all stated their likes of the sweet and cool looking SeaCart 26 trimaran!

Our toing car parked at the key side in La Trinete sur Mer – A car up for a tough job!

Getting ready for the return trip to Sweden – 2,420km

Three days later back in Stockholm, Sweden.

The SeaCart Team

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