First Outing Under the Cover of Darkness

The time had come, after a long wait for high tide the mast was stepped and frantic rigging took place. Ready! ‘‘Let’s go’’, so more or less in the last minutes of dusk the Oceanlake Marine team of Calle Hennix and Tim Shuwalow, Anders Lewander from North Sails and CMI’s Pom Green and Paul West took to the water.

The main was hoisted as we motored out of the marina and soon after set sail under both main and jib in around 10–14 knots of Thailand’s low density breeze. Wow – This big little boat or little big boat, depending on which way you look it as it shares the best characteristics of both took off and the feeling we got was pure excitment. She felt great both upwind and when shy two sail reaching, flying the centre hull in the puffs. The return trip now in total darkness was done under gennaker with a curved foil deployed. The foil certainly was doing it’s job, not a hint of the bow going down, rising gently and maintaining speed.

The Conclusion – The boat performed, structure and systems working and that we probably just recorded a world first in testing such a boat for the first time in the dark! There’s no doubt that SeaCarts set new standards.

So now after the first sail the rigging has been worked in a little meaning we’re set to take it to another level with further testing and to really see what she’s capable of. The test team is super eager to go again, this time during daylight. As we sit at breakfast the breeze is up so stayed tuned for some great photos and videos very soon…

Added 2011-06-17 at 3:32
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