First SeaCart 26 in Norway

A bright April morning we went west to launch a newly striped SeaCart 26 trimaran. Here’s the picture story in reversed direction from floating sail test in Oslo to striping in the work shed outside Stockholm, Sweden. We look forward to post updates from training and racing sessions. Until then enjoy this!

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Nice docking space at the KNS dinghy plant.

Just a small push and she’s afloat.

Removing the last straps around the main hull.

Both sides out. Furling lines getting in place. Covers already removed. Looking good!

Mast in place and one side is folded out. Take up 30–40 cm on the shroud to get her leveled.

A-Frame in place, mast goes up.

Ready for the road.

Checking the straps.

All looking good on deck. Covers do their job perfect.

Graphic waves in place.

Flag and number now on the floats.

Inside float graphic.

Outside float graphic.

Those guys know how to do bend the corners.

High concentration is the only way to get this right.

The SeaCart Team

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