Seasons Greetings 2017

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The SeaCart 26 OD trimaran continue to show what’s possible to achieve with compact coastal trimaran and the offshore SeaCart 30 GP still out there winning regattas in hot heels. So why don’t you jump on the train and get proper fun racing next season on a wickedly fast, safe and easy to manage trimaran!?*

Updated SeaCart 26 site >
*Check out the super deal on the SeaCart 26 trimaran > Click here!
SeaCart 30 site >

P.S. Like to start an one design race and need to set up a class in a hurry? We have SeaCart 26 in storage ready to be shipped! D.S.

The SeaCart Team

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Warehouse Super Sale 2017

If you’re on the market FOR A COSTAL MULTIHULL RACER keep on reading…

New SeaCart 26 Trimaran – Now available at a Super Warehouse Sale Price!
Probably the best coastal trimaran there is. Being a Marc Lombard design having the offshore pedigree built in she is a trustworthy partner when the going gets tough. Having curved foils and rudders on the floats like her larger offshore sisters let you sail on one float under full control. She has a proven race record winning regattas in the Caribbean and Europe under different rules. This boat will not let you and your two to three crew mates down. More, it only take 2–3 hours from road trailer mode until you’re out sailing.

SEK 249,000 was SEK 637,200 / USD 31,000 was USD 70,600 / EUR 29,000 was EUR 66,500
Prices excl. VAT / Offer expires December 24 – 2017 / Warehouse Sale Specs. below.

Included are: 3 x hulls, carbon mast in two pieces, spreaders, diamond stays, carbon boom, carbon beams, carbon bow sprit, carbon curved foils, rudder heads, rudder blades, centerboard, adjustable carbon rudder cross beam, carbon stanshions, Harken deck gear, winch, trampolines, yokes… a whole SeaCart 26 trimaran! The boat is stored on a four wheel trolley that fit inside a standard 40 ft container for effortless shipping.

Add: Shipping, running rigging, halyards, shrouds, sails, engine (electric or petrol), assembly and you have race boat that has all the nitty gritty features her larger offshore sisters has. You get a great training platform for future achievements and/or a stable test platform for flying foil and/or wing sail development. To get the full picture check our Warehouse Sale price example below (OD.48) – Sail type and brand is of your choosing – OD.48 show an example of North Sails 3Di sails.


Terms: ***Ex-Works Thailand, 50% upon order (booking fee)*, 40% a week before shipping, 30% non refundable upon cancellation. OLM are happy to help out in any way. *Until shipping the weekly storage cost (USD 100) is transfered to the buyer. No longer than four weeks are permitted. **This offer overrides prices that are already published. ***Those overrule ’’Payment Plan’’ at the Warehouse Sale Offer Specification (OD.48).

Don’t miss out – ORDER TODAY!

Best Regards

Calle Hennix
Oceanlake Marine AB
Email: / Skype: callehennix / Cell: 0046 (0)70 742 84 66

Boat info:
Nice visual tour of the boat: Click Here!
Flying hulls picture: Click Here!
More pictures on Facebook: Click Here!
Tips & Trix and Tech. pictures: Click Here!
Folder in pdf format**: Click Here!

FYI: The Brand is happy and for sale – More about it here.

With that said we wish you a successful 2017 and we look forward to welcome you into the SeaCart community!

The SeaCart Team

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Folding, Mast Reise and Assembly

Ready to Race!

Ready for folding.

One float.

Second float.

Done, now mast down using A-frame system.

Here we go. 3:1 purchase system hooked on the bowsprit – rope goes to winch.

Cover on before loading on the road trailer

Done and dusted – Ready for the road trip back!

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Covers for Hulls and Mast

For road transportation or moored at the dock or awaiting sailing on the trolly on land a cover is what you looking for. Now we have made super duper covers for mast, boom, crossbar, front beams, floats and mainhull. Also available is the special cockpit cover that let you keep the hatches open, sails on the seats for drying out and sun protection. Works a treat!

Boom Cover works on land or…

…in the wet.

The SeaCart Team


Seven Musts Before Retirement

Cowes Week, UK, 2011 © Rick Tomlinson

SeaCart creator, Calle Hennix, talks about his passion for the best regattas around the world.

The SeaCart 26 is not only for tight exhilarating One Design racing around the cans. One important strategic key feature is that the boat is an exciting adventure platform for experience regattas and races around the world. I have a long background on the offshore scene including the Whitbread Around The World Race 89–90. I have always stressed that quality and toughness are the most important features on the SeaCart 26 design, rather than building it as light as possible so you may fly hulls in super light winds. The boat had to be able to cope with rough Atlantic swell or in 30 knots on the Solent with four knots of tide running against you. The feel you get when sailing a multihull in those conditions under control is a real experience of fantastic, pure sailing.

With ownership of a SeaCart 26 a large number of regattas opens up around the world. The one thing that stands out, from my experience having participated in great coastal races and fantastic regattas, is that visiting new countries really opens your eyes to new cultures, food, lifestyles and much more. And beyond that, it’s probably the best way to spend time with your mates and family doing something you all love.

On the flip side it has been quite costly to campaign your own boat in foreign countries until now. Having a SeaCart 26 you can experience international regattas without spending heaps of money. Fore once you just need crew of three, including you, she is easy to tow behind a normal car or sent abroad in a 40 foot container. If you join forces it can be made even more economical as two SeaCart 26’s fit inside one standard 40 foot container.

When you own a high performance boat like the SeaCart 26 you have the right tool for proper coastal racing – Caribbean, USA, France, Asia, Australia, UK, Scandinavia etc. My experience is that the race organisation always like to help out long distance entries. The SeaCart 26 creates a lot of interest – so let the fun begin. I’d like to propose a few great races I have done and others I like to attend. With this in mind I have created a list for pure inspiration.

Seven ‘‘Must Do’’ Regattas before retirement or after ‘‘retirement’’. The events are listed in no particular order – and yes there are more fantastic regattas out there – So please feel free to send your recommendations to add to the list. Here we go…

Held in one of the worlds’ finest sailing waters by an organisation that knows how to conduct races and parties in style. Usually warm winds around 20–30 knots and water temperature around 27 degrees. Who can ask for more? When you are there you can do; Rolex International Regatta at St. Thomas USVI, Antigua Sailing Week, Course the Alliance at St. Maarten, Voile de St. Barth…
St. Maarten / Netherland Antilles /

Kings Cup (KC) has set the pace in Asia. KC is their most renowned regatta having near perfect sailing conditions and evening parties that stand out. KC is the largest regatta in Asia and gives you a week in fast forward mode on all levels. For those living in colder countries (like me in Sweden) you should consider staying and do a few more races like: Top of the Gulf Regatta, Samui Regatta…
Phuket / Thailand /

This is a perfect first regatta of the new year. In nice temperatures in the most southern part of the US. Professionally driven and now open for multihulls in two classes. Great sailing, fantastic venue. Highly recommended. The SeaCart 30 has entered the Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race – We have to check if the 26 can race because this is a fast, fun, wet, must do stretch around the keys.
Florida / USA /

One of my favourite regattas that has it all. During a race you can have mist, heavy rain, 30 knots TWS and total calm – at the same time you have the tide pushing you back and fourth on the Solent. When you have dealt with those conditions the first beer afterwards makes you feel fantastic because today you have truly earnt it. Around 40 classes starting every day so the traffic on the Solent is solid so you need to check for boats in all directions – all the time. Big fun! The yachting sceene at Cowes Week is great and built on more than 180 years of tradition (since 1826). This is a regatta you seriously have to consider. You will probably sail it many times because the lure of Solent will make you come back for more!
Isle of Weight / UK /

Probably the largest yacht race on the planet having 1,800 boats entering each year. Saturday morning at 04:00 you set off from the harbour to sail the 50 NM race around the island. You will sail past the notorius The Needles, St Catherines Point and navigate current up to 5 knots. A fantastic race that will test you and your crew’s skills to the limit. The party level in Cowes on Saturday night is set high – you dont want to miss out!
Isle of Weight / UK /

A fantastic round the island race. Imagine all entries, monohulls and multihulls, on one long starting line only separated by a starting wessel. A fantastic sight on the big bay. La Trinite is one of those sailing mekkas you just have to visit (like Cowes). Here you get an insight on the many giants of the French offshore scene (monos and multis) – in Trinite quite a few teams have there base. The French cuisine is also a good reason the be here in the spring.
La Trinite Sur Mere / France /

In 2011 the Border Run became the largest point to point racing event in Southern California. Starting in Newport Beach rounding Coronado Island and finish in San Diego make this approx. 90 NM race a must do on my list!
Newport > San Diego / USA /

There are lot of other races out there so I’d love to hear your ideas so we can write a follow up article. Until then send me your suggestions plus a short description! I’m looking forward to hearing from you, email here.

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Seasons Greetings 2016

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The SeaCart 26 OD trimaran continue to show what’s possible to achieve with small trimaran and the SeaCart 30 GP still out there winning regattas in hot heels. So why don’t you jump on the train and get proper fun, fast and easy to manage racing next season?

Updated SeaCart 26 site >
SeaCart 30 site >

The SeaCart Team

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Bucket at Tjörn Runt 2016

After a nice ride from Swedens east to west coast, around 600 km, we got out little champ floating in 2,5 hours time. Then on to dinner and navigational preparation before Friday training session. Better be prepared this time, last time we missed out on the entry to the finishing line. Not to be repeated right! Done and dusted we where at the starting area before the start figuring about the start procedure. Super light conditions so the tactic was to be where the other boats aint, plus sail the shortest distance to first mark (a bridge).

Since we where amongst the smallest boats in the fleet it was important to get the larger multi and monohulls to pass us to leeward. That tactic worked just as expected but nevertheless the first third of the race was painful but we keept it together and had the first boats in sight when we left the ’’fjord’’ under Gennaker. Picking up speed the spirit onboard was rising. A bunch of 40 plus feet monohulls (fast in light downwind) now got the feeling of our previous pain seeing us passing to windward in at least double the speed, i.e. 13-16 knots.

When we gybed around the most souther point lighthouse we got even more speed after a change of wind direction unfurling our Code 0 – Now we where talking! Sitting on 15–21 knots of boat speed on a tight reach, quite often on one pontoon in full control, make you love this little marvel of boat. After a few talk backs to the crew of two they got the game and moved back and forth adjusting the balance on the curved foil following the pressure going up and down.

We estimate the wind topping out around 16 knots in the gusts. The battle was on for gold and gee did we made it all the way to the top spot on the podium. Ohh Yeeah! After the race we made a swift move bringing the boat on the trailer before dinner and the price giving party. A bit battered we drove back to Stockholm during Sunday afternoon. Tjörn Runt is a fab weekend regatta – Especially if you sail a super fun easy to trailer boat. Check out pictures below.

The SeaCart 26 Team

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Time Bandit Ready to Race

The ‘‘Time Bandit’’ new cool look

The first Danish SeaCart 26 just hit the water ready for 2016. Good luck with training and foremost the racing season ahead.

Walkable mooring is a treat, right!

The SeaCart 26 Team

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SeaCart 26 No 6 Super Sale!

SUPER SALE PRICE . 62,000 EUR / 67,000 USD
This excellent fine racing machine No 6 is seriously for sale. Located on a road trailer at Saint Martin just hours away to enter the racing season 2015–2016. All available covers on. The boat has been on land since may 2014. Contact Calle Hennix /

An alternative
to get some miles under your belt in
the Caribbean is to charter No 6. The racing is better than fantastic in the Caribbean, in other words the health ROI is probably the best on the planet. You and a friend plus a skipper makes the perfect crew. For insurance reasons an appointed skipper, by Oceanlake Marine AB, is needed. Price estimate on asking, contact Calle Hennix /

Downwind video from the boat – Click here!

The SeaCart 26 Team

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Seasons Greetings 2015

SeaCart 26 reaching under main and Code 0.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The SeaCart 26 OD trimaran continue to show what’s possible to achieve with small trimaran and the SeaCart 30 GP still out there winning regattas in hot heels. You have probably heard the news that Oceanalake Marine AB, the owner of the SeaCart Trimaran Brand, has been approached about a possible buy out*. That got me wondering and since the deal is still on the table it might be other parties interested. If you know of any additional contacts that might be interested let me know. Hence a 28ft (8,5m) fiberglass version of the carbon SeaCart 30 would most certain have a place in the Global and the Oceania -market in particular.

With that said we wish you a successful 2016 and we look forward to welcome you into the SeaCart community!

*Link to SeaCart Trimarans Update and Q & A

The SeaCart Team

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