Downwind in 3m Swell

This video is for the high rollers out there. Enjoy fantastic surfs in the Caribbean during the Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2014 onboard the SeaCart 26 trimaran – ‘‘winner of it’s class’’. Yes, the upwind legs was kind of wet :)

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Video Les Voiles de St. Barth

Video and pictures from a fantastic racing week. Two light wind days and two strong day wich made us use a reef in our main sail (quite unusual). It was a pleasure to race at St. Barth and finish on top of the scoring board in our class was the perfect topping of the cake. See you again!

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Les Voiles de St. Barth 2014

The SeaCart 26 finishes on top! Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2014 (April 15–19) was held in much stronger conditions than the Heineken Regatta. St. Barth is a smaller island and therefore more exposed to the Atlantic waves rolling in. During the second half of the regatta the wind came up strongley. But even though we have the smallest boat in the fleet, our litte rocket ship proved she can handle rough conditions in a good manner. The SC26 showed us once again she is a trustworthy companion in waves building above 3 meters. The Voile is one of those regattas you should really consider. It’s well organised, has 30 possible tracks, and they provide professional and happy support from sponsors and all the regatta staff.

Race notes from the week:

Race day 1. Light to light medium wind. Les Voiles de St Barth, 5th edition, deliver exellent conditions. A bit to light for us giving us plenty of Code 0 sailing. 5 hours and a 30NM later on high concentration, +Ahlgrens bilar (swedish candy), got us where we like to be – On top of the scoring board. A Good start for the team.

Race day 2. Big rain squalls delayed our start 1,5 hour. After a long day having plenty of gear changes and sometime frustrating decisions (take the loss now), new rain squalls delivering 30 knots of wind, we got a fantastic finish doing 20+ knots, flying two hulls, over the finish line. Only three seconds after 9 ft longer CAN cat (who by the way missed the first top mark). So all good on the little pocket rocket ship. Today, Thursday, is a lay day and for us a small TLC day, meaning checking the sailing system and cleaning the hulls. Big wind expected for tomorrow racing.

Big wind Race Day 3. Broken masts, boats over the side, waves you dont like your grandmother to experience. Abandon race at first, in for a coffe, then out again for a 16NM race. Champagne conditions!

Tough last day for us. The whole race we had no flow, very tough getting a free lane because of the waves and traffic from other classes. It was a long and hard day on the water. On the other hand we ‘‘Vikinged Up’’ and added sisu (finish gut) carried on dispite our missfortune securing first place in the regatta – So in the end all good on the little SeaCart 26 trimaran.

Reef in the main. That’s not a common sail set for us.

Close rock roundings every day. The closer the better :)

Rough 2–3m waves make the upwind life onboard interesting.

Copyright 2014 Philip Plisson

Copyright 2014 Philip Plisson

Copyright the LVdSB organization

Prepping for start

Race day 2 medium to light wind.

Good looking crew.

We got the Gennaker sheet tangled up in the Code 0. No good if you have to tack!

Special delivery on it’s way – if they can catch us!

The always happy shore crew made a fantastic delivery. We like!

Voila, thats the Churchill way. Cooled, free and best quality.

Indeed a good finish of a fantastic regatta.

Plenty of TP 52 and alike love the racing at the Voile.

Price giving 2014 in Gustavia.

You find all Les Voiles de St. Barth information here.

Link to more information on the SeaCart 26 Facebook page

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Heineken Regatta 2014

Team All Stars; Calle, Gilla, Walle. All nicknames end with an ‘‘e’’ or ‘‘a’’ in Sweden!

The famous 34th Heineken Regatta (March 6–9) at Saint Martin in the Caribbean was of course a hilarious experience. Sailing both in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean make the conditions and wave state mighty shifting. This is interesting and make sure you get plenty of gear changes in each race. The courses are coastal navigational around boyes and islands so you better have your navigational skills in place when travelling in +20 knots gettin fire hoosed every second wave. We used our strong wind sails ie smaller main and gennaker, because it’s normally windy sailing over here. We sailed a very good regatta making few mistakes but unfortunately the rating was out of bound for us during this regatta (at Les Voiles de St. Barth the rating reflected the reality a lot better) – We rated higher than the 60 ft Gunboats and almost as high as the winner, a 40 ft racing cat ‘‘Soma’’. Soma sailed a solid regatta so they deserve the top spot regardless the rating issues. Well done! Below pictures and link’s to videos as well.

The Yacht Club by the bridge. Two times a day there will be a glamorous bridge opening show!

That’s a nice start by the SeaCart 26 / Check video > Click on the picture!

Rain squalls give you goose bumps when your left in the wake.

The Code 0 is a fine weapon in the light stuff, but you need some wind to make a sail work!

Walle cleaning up the salt-getto – Rain rinse the boat in a minute – We like!

Low and slow (Melges motto) is the way to stay in touch sailing under the rating rule.

Howling South East 120 deg. TWA outside Orient Beach, Saint Maarten. Mighty swells here!

The little bugger, SeaCart 26, love Power Reaching. No brake down’s here – Just power on!

When bearing off we thought the Gennaker was a go. We didn’t do the math right :)

Wahoo! +23 knots feels like flying – Pretty cool sailing in this part of the world.

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You bet our objective is to sail the Heineken Regatta again!

The SeaCart Racing Team

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The Ultimate Coctail Video

This 43 min raw downwind sailing Caribbean beauty video is for all who like it to last longer. The uncut director version is the perfect sailor XXXX background movie for any annual backyard cocktail party. No fuzz, just fantastic sailing in Atlantic swell. A blistering sun set, grinding waves in 15–21 knots of speed. Just click on the picture and relax!

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Power Reaching in Paradise!

Power Reaching outside Isle de Fourche (the devils island) onboard the ”mighty” SeaCart 26 trimaran. Sailing in 110-130 TWD (true wind direction) under jib and main. Wind is about 18–24 knots TWS (true wind speed). Speed 16-23 knots. Click on picture to enjoy this little master piece!

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SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Promo Video

The one minute SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Promo video just hit the cyber TV room. Use it as a quick intro at partner presentations* or just as inspiration during the dark winter months. Either way, Enjoy!

*An article about the 2012 Multi Cup including links to online and downloadable presentations you find here.

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The Times They Are a-Changin’

Calle Hennix at Allt För Sjön boat show.

Gustav Morin, news anchor at, interviewed the SeaCart brand founder Calle Hennix at the Stockholm boat show ‘‘Allt förSjön’’, march 2012. Topics of the day was the multihull future and the upcomming SeaCart Multi Cup. Watch the Swedish interview by clicking on the picture. For all others here’s a short extract;

Calle: ‘‘Having Americas Cup as a driving force building world interest is good news for the new SeaCart 26. The timing is right as the SeaCart 26 is a perfect stepping stone for monohull sailors looking for a multihull that is easy to handle, forgiving in tough situations, yet a boat that provides all the cool features and the look you expect on a modern performance multihull. She fills a gap for non professionals who think multihulls are cool and like to find a boat to learn and develop themself and their team on’’

‘‘CMI and master boat builder Pom Green assure we got serious racing quality covered. If you are a regular racer in a any high level one design performance monohull class you’ll have no problem upgrading your game on a SeaCart 26 trimaran. During Cowes Week 2011 (her first outing by the way) she raced four days in heavy breeze gusting 32 knots TWS at times. Calle stress: Racing not surviving as you probably would on most high performance multihulls. It’s comforting knowing you have a boat that can participate in coastal races like Cowes Week, Round the Island Race, Heineken Regatta, San Fransisco…

Calle continues talking about the new SeaCart Multi Cup: ‘‘We will soon go public with partners and sponsors. Having a cup in place we glue the SeaCart 26 features into an interesting opportunity for sailors, companies and media. The SeaCart Multi Cup have all the ingredients to be a cost effective option for the non professionals (yet) looking for greater challenges in the future like the Extreme Series and ultimately Americas Cup. The SeaCart Multi Cup shall be a place where Olympic sailors as well as top amateurs have a chance to grow their skills in tough competition. That would create a fantastic foundation where teams can find new guns to the top level of the game.

The Times They Are a-Changin’ (as Bob Dylan wrote 1963, released 1964), is more than ever appliable on the sailing business today according to Calle – You have to build content on top of your boat concept to stay on top of your game!

With that said we end this session by looking at the SeaCart 26 test featuring Torvar Mirsky – One of the young guns out there.

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Promo Video for Boat Show

Sailing the SeaCart 26 trimaran on the bay of Baggen in Sweden. HD quality, soft lounge music and plenty of unshown cuts. Sit back and enjoy!

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Room Service in love with the SeaCart 26!

With compliments from – Swedens largest TV channel for sailing.

Channel 5 super home rebuilding masters, Johnnie Krigström and Mattias Särholm from the TV show Room Service goes wild at the Swedish Boat Show ‘‘Allt för Sjön’’. 4,16 minutes in after checking out a new power boat foiler their interest goes to the SeaCart 26 trimaran. After a short while Johnnie regret his first choice of boat and start crying :) Fun and a must to check out – Click on the picture and you will enter the future of Swedish sailing TV!

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