Proud Assembly Crew

The build team behind every SeaCart 26 work long and hard at the factory ensuring every boat is finished to perfection. Once a boat is complete and ready for launch there is a sense of acheivement adding the final touches at the marina. The crew and boat look as good as the new branded foil bags below!

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Tested to the Extreme!

The prototype mast has gone down while flying two hulls under gennaker. The boat was fully loaded up with four 80–100+kg guys onboard, none of whom sustained any injuries. After stabilising the rig on deck the crew made their way back to dock under motor. The aim with the prototype mast was to test it to extremes before commencing full production, so we are happy to announce we have ticked that box and ready to move forward.

The reason for failure has been attributed to the capability of the boat to be sailed hard at high angles under gennaker. The boat has a stunning righting moment 15% higher than initially estimated.  The One Design (A3) gennaker is a flat furling sail, (yellow, pictured above) which allows you to sail very ‘hot’ to power up, build speed and lift the main hull going ‘wild’ in medium breeze. This does however create much larger compressive and torsional forces in the mast when compared to sailing normal angles downwind. With the addition of curved foils in the floats the dynamic load goes up even more because the lift they provide enables you to push the boat much harder.

During the test sailing period (Aug–Oct) we have observed and recorded this and even before the breaking of the prototype we revisited the laminate plan for subsequent masts. And so concludes the test period, our goals have been acheived and now we look forward to some great class racing in the near future.

The SeaCart Test Sailing Team


SeaCart 26 – the Wild Thing!

Captured on Baggen bay by Pontus Johansson

The Boys having fun learning to push the limits more and more. Watch video below…

Don’t miss out on all new photos in the Gallery!

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SeaCart 26 – Air Borned!

From a photo sessions on Baggen bay, just 20 minutes SE of Stockholm. Way to go! Inspired? More nice sailing pictures from Malcom Hanes in the Gallery. Don’t miss that you are invited to join in for a ride. Check out the Test Sailing article below.

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Cowes Week 2011 Conclusions

Sailing and prize giving pictures by Rick Tomlinson,

The best boat test is to go racing. Cowes Week is a classic seven-day regatta held on the famous sailing arena – The Solent. The new SeaCart 26 only got two days of test sailing in Thailand before being sent to England in a 40 foot container. So to say that the boat and team was perfectly prepared is an understatement.

Conditions . Four of the seven days the wind blew 20–32 knots True Wind Speed ​​(TWS) / 11–17 meters per second / Beaufort 6–7 / so the boat got plenty of hard workouts. Anyone who has sailed on The Solent in those conditions knows that it will provide boat breaking conditions when the strong tide runs against the wind.

Boat speed . We topped 24.3 knots on the downwind legs and 12–14 knots upwind in 20+ TWS. Our best Velocitek 10 second average was 23.3 knots – in other words fantastic figures for a 26 footer in choppy seas. We had two halyard slips (bad preparation from our side) so we had two DNFs but we managed to place second in our class behind our big sister the SeaCart 30, Buzz, which was a great success!

Sailing conclutions after seven days of racing .
0–10 knots TWS She feels a bit underpowered.* The SeaCart 30 has an advantage.
10–20 knots TWS She performs well, easy and safe to handle. Upwind speed 10–14 knots, downwind 16–22 knots.
20–32 knots TWS around 23 knots TWS it’s time to reef and you will fly by almost anything on the water (including the SeaCart 30). Upwind 12–14 knots, downwind 18–24+ knots.

* The SC26 similar to other one designs (Melges, J-Boats) has sacrificed some light wind performance to get a fun and easy boat to handle in the upper wind ranges. This is an important feature and will help attract monohull sailors to our class and mean that experienced sailors can push the boat hard in all racing conditions. Note November 2011; This have been addressed – Boat # 2 have 2 square metre extra in the Jib and Main sail – 4 square metre have been added.

Curved Float Foils . (Picture above) On the numerous windy days the curved foils were thoroughly tested both up and downwind. The steep and choppy seaway was made easy to handle due to the extra lift the foils produce giving extra speed and safety on all points of sail. They are a very worthy addition no matter where you intend to sail. Check the sequences from Beken of Cowes. Here’s a few more sequences; first plus a second and third.

Prior to the regatta we knew the mast needed more diamond tension and the mainsail required a minor recut. Due to late delivery of the container we did not have the time to perform these tasks but they have now been addressed.

Folding . As part of the testing program to learn more about boat handling, prior to and after, a regatta we performed a folding test in the water. It works very smoothly, more pictures will be presented in a separate article.

On the Road . Next test was to pack and bring the boat on a road trailer to Stockholm, Sweden (1200km). Our Lööve road trailer is a tilting flat bed made of aluminium (to be able to winch up the cradle on wheels) measuring 9.5m total length. A long trailer is a nice feature on the highway when driving at 100kmh / 60 mph.

SeaCart 26 OD is sailed with a crew of 3–4 is fun and incredibly fast, easily managed with a low operating budget. It’s easy to put on a road trailer or send (two boats) in one 40 foot container. Weight depending on the equipment onboard is approx 800kg.

Link to Rick Tomlinson site

Lot of photos in the Gallery


SeaCart 26 is on the Air

Production by Tim Shuwalow / Filmed with a small camera so objects looks rounder than in real life.

Tip! On Youtube you can watch in full screen mode. Use stop and play to study systems onboard. Click on the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner to get there.

Now more than 10,000 views! / July 9.

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Showtime for the SeaCart 26

Preparing the first SeaCart 26 for sailing – Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand.

The time had arrived! Everything certainly felt good the night before during the first ever test sail but it was time to see what this boat could do during daylight hours.

Over the next two days the test team were greeted by overcast days with scattered rain clouds that produced light, medium and moderate strength breeze in the range of 6–20 knots. Soon after taking to the water everyone was soon sporting big grins! The team members were comprised of sailors with backgrounds covering the complete spectrum of sailing from dinghies and beach cats to America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and everything else in between. The one thing they shared in common was that they were equally thrilled by the SeaCart 26’s exceptional performance and its easy handling. All agreed that the SC26 is very likely to be competitive with it’s big brother, the SeaCart 30 in moderate conditions which is something to be both proud of and excited about!

Pushing hard and starting to fly in the late afternoon breeze – 22.1 knots speed so far…

One aspect that surprised the entire team was how the curved foils on the floats felt beneficial in conditions below the expected wind range. Upwind the boat became very steady due to the foil greatly reducing pitching through a rather choppy sea state. The advantage was also very noticable downwind under gennaker. Instead of continually being driven into and through the backs of the waves the leeward bow was lifted so it was able to glide above and slice through some without resistance.

All in all everyone who got the chance to sail onboard the SeaCart 26 left in eager anticipation of great One Design class racing in times soon ahead!

Test Sailing Crew
Calle Hennix, OLM
Tim Shuwalow, OLM
Anders Lewander, North Sails
Pom Green, CMI
and prominent guests

Read more and look at video in the News Section

View more photographs in the Sailing Gallery

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First Outing Under the Cover of Darkness

The time had come, after a long wait for high tide the mast was stepped and frantic rigging took place. Ready! ‘‘Let’s go’’, so more or less in the last minutes of dusk the Oceanlake Marine team of Calle Hennix and Tim Shuwalow, Anders Lewander from North Sails and CMI’s Pom Green and Paul West took to the water.

The main was hoisted as we motored out of the marina and soon after set sail under both main and jib in around 10–14 knots of Thailand’s low density breeze. Wow – This big little boat or little big boat, depending on which way you look it as it shares the best characteristics of both took off and the feeling we got was pure excitment. She felt great both upwind and when shy two sail reaching, flying the centre hull in the puffs. The return trip now in total darkness was done under gennaker with a curved foil deployed. The foil certainly was doing it’s job, not a hint of the bow going down, rising gently and maintaining speed.

The Conclusion – The boat performed, structure and systems working and that we probably just recorded a world first in testing such a boat for the first time in the dark! There’s no doubt that SeaCarts set new standards.

So now after the first sail the rigging has been worked in a little meaning we’re set to take it to another level with further testing and to really see what she’s capable of. The test team is super eager to go again, this time during daylight. As we sit at breakfast the breeze is up so stayed tuned for some great photos and videos very soon…

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Ready for Premiere Splash

Race ready (almost) – Just add water!

Yesterday the SeaCart 26 had it’s premiere outing in the sun and later went on a warm midnight trucking session to our test sailing site in Pattaya, Thailand. Furlers, tramps, mast, sails is all ready to rock. Keep your SeaCart channel clear for updates.

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The Count Down has Begun!

CMI’s Pom Green & John Higham oversee laser hull alignment.

The first new SeaCart 26 is really taking shape. With the hulls and beams assembled and looking at the bows lined up it’s a mean shape indeed. If looks are anything to go by this boat is going to be a killer! “The SC26 really is striking to look at, it looks fast even sitting on the factory floor” says Calle Hennix. ‘‘It’s one thing to look at the graphic renderings but to see it in real life is another thing totally – just awesome.’’

The whole team at Oceanlake Marine are looking forward to sailing the boat for the first time. Time is ticking down to it’s debut at the Top of the Gulf regatta in Pattaya, Thailand in five weeks from now. For all interested, there will be test sailing opportunities close to the regatta. To register your interest please contact us here.

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