Rebuild from Container Shipping

A few days late the boat arrived to St. Maarten. Monday Morning at 10:00 we see our container for the first time in five weeks. We built the boat during Monday and got her ready for mast and splashing. First thing next morning we put her in the water. Here we present how we rebuilded her to a trimaran plus few tips on the way. Enjoy!

Beams and seats lean on the container. Slowly rolling out the boat.

Beams attached to the floats ready to be assambled whith the main hull. Mast on the ground to the left.

Beams, yokes, waterstays and rudder assambled. Now she’s ready for the water and mast.

Shiny and well polished hulls.

Mast pulled forward (using the gennaker halyard) to make room for the lifting strops and crane hook. Check how loose the jib on the forestay is!

Gennaker halyard tight. Forestay lose. Plenty of Mc. Lube spray on the centre board.

Better than sweet, she floats, mast pulled back to sailing position – all systems go!

Here’s the link to the container packing session!

Link to the SeaCart 26 tips & tricks page on Pinterest

The SeaCart Build Team


SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014

Click on the picture to see the 2013 Ad in a new window

If you want to promote your business and maximize media impact, consider this fact: Having your own team racing on the five month long SeaCart 26 Multi Cup, costs about the same as one full-page insert in a Swedish morning paper.

Of course there are many ways to reach your target groups but if your branding strategy includes entertaining clients, leads, employees and future employees in a sporty environment we definitely have a fresh and exclusive platform that stands out on the market. It might be a secret but the industry prospect sailing to be one of the most cost effective sponsor platforms there is as it’s operates within an emerging market. The good news is that you get more bang for the buck in sailing – you have to spend less to differ and stand out. 

Media includes TV shows from top venues in Sweden as well as ProAm days at each Grand Prix. Running over a five-month period make sure there is plenty of time to plan and execute you plans to maximize the investment outcome. The platform have all the ingredients to provide Racing Teams, Partners and Sponsors with powerful tools to fulfill their ROI expectations. In all we stand out as one of the finest and cost effective turnkey sailing series in Scandinavia.

SeaCart 26 (SC26) Multi Cup (MC) 2014 Schedule
MC GP 1 . SC26 T1 . Lidingö Runt . May 10–11
MC GP 2 . SC26 T2 . Ornö Runt . May 24
MC GP 3 . SC26 R1 . Sandhamn Open . June 6–8
……………SC26 R2 . Big Boat Cup . June 14
MC GP 4 . Midnight Sun Raid, Luleå . July 3–5
MC GP 5 . SC26 R3 . MultiCup Revenge . August  29–31
MC GP 6 . Nynäshamn GP . September 12–14
MC GP 7 . SC26 R4 . Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix . September 19–21
Point system on evaluation / T= Tune Up / R = Race / Schedule may be adjusted / Rev. April 7

The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014
Multi Cup 2014 consists of seven GP’s. The points from the four best races is calculated for the total result in the SeaCart 26 class. GP 7 (SC26 R4) is a must do GP. The day prior to all events is open for ProAm sailing. Multi Cup 2014 information folder you find here, ready to be downloaded!

Now it’s time to get involved! Build your own racing team or sponsor a team. Contact Calle Hennix at Oceanlake Marine AB. Phone +46 (0)70 742 84 66 or email

Get more information about the Multi Cup opportunities. Contact Klabbe Nylöf at Whyshore Event & Marketing. Phone +46 (0)703 347 24 46 or email

Proof of concept; See what sailors, partners and media have to say about the Multi Cup 2012 edition – Click here to read online

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Shipping in a 40 ft Container

Packing a SeaCart 26 trimaran might look hard but are in fact quite simple. To fit the height and beam inside a standard 40 ft container* we have to 1) remove the beams and trampolines 2) turn the floats so they face front to stern of the mainhull. The hard passage is through the container doors – after those it get spacier.

Storage: Centre boards, rudder heads are stored under the large hatch in the cockpit. Rudder foils, boom and long pool (with tiller extensions on) connecting each rudder head are fit inside the cockpit and through the mast step bulkhead hole leading into the forward compartment. Sails, battens is stored on the cockpit floor. Fenders etc. inside the forward compartment which you enter through the forward deck hatch. Mast goes on top of the mainhull on flat fenders to keep the height as low as possible.

Below pictures of the process and step to step comments. Enjoy!

Port float is removed by disconnect the four beam bolts, nuts and washers. Bolt on a piece of wood where the float use to sit. We used the same bolt kit as for the floats (guess we where lucky). Two persons easily carry one side that includes; two beams, trampoline and connector wood. Remove the four (4) hinge pins and tie the two hinge around the beam (don’t disconnect them from the beam). This make it easier to assamble at destination.

No need to use fancy carts. The floats can be on the ground – when loading just turn the mainhull and road trailer 180 degrees and load. Note that the soft material which the floats rests on in road driving mode (top picture)  is changed to wood cradles on each side of the mainhull. This is not a must, you can keep the soft material and strap the float to the mainhull. Move the mast forward so the trailer hit the container back wall first. It’s a nice feature that the mast fit inside the container in one piece. The trailer rear light panel was removed and tied on the trailer side under the mainhull.

Then roll the beauty inside the container slow and foremost straight at the centerline. We had carpet protecting the float sides at loading. Four straps was used to secure the trailer, two in the back and two in the front lined forward and backwards to the container floor hooks. Then we moved the front of the mast to the right hand side of the opening to make room for the two beam and trampoline kits. We fitted a strap around the mast from side to side attached to the container roof half way up the mast. Make sure you have plenty of soft materials at hand, like styrofoam (white stuff on pictures), carpets (blue stuff on pictures). We used in total 8 straps and one 4:1 handybilly + a few ropes.

Road trailer and boat in the background, hand brake is on. Beam and trampoline kit’s to the right.

Beam, trampolines and mast secured just inside the container doors. Now we just have to close the door and wave goodbye!

*Standard 40 ft Container. Door: Height 2,28m, Width 2,34m. Inside: Height 2,39m, Width 2,35m, Length 12,03m.

Here’s a link to the rebuild session

Link to tips and tricks on Pinterest

The SeaCart Shipping Team


SC26 at the Kings Cup 2013

Onboard ‘‘Sweet Chariot’’ – The first pimped SeaCart 26 trimaran having a 2m longer mast. The standard jib (forstay) was removed in favour of a dyneema forstay around the prodder (bowsprit). Larger Jib and Code 0 on halyard lock and a furler at the bottom. Achieved better performance, especially  upwind, under 10 knots TWS. The Kings Cup is Asias largest and oldest regatta having a fine mix between sailing and shore activities. Wind is normally lower than 10 knots (hot 30 degree warm wind pressure) in average so the trend is to rule optimize and special built boats for those conditions (cats having high dog houses are in favour under OMR).

The mighty superlight supercat in the background rate lower than the SeaCart 26.

Plenty of good starts & rounding first at the upwind mark was not enough to beat the supercats.

The SeaCart Team

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SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series 2014


The SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series is for you guys and girls who asked for more. Make no mistake, the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup is the commercial prime event we communicate to sponsors, partners and media. Your willingness to get out there for more races we do support by all means so let us present the first draft of the ‘‘soon to be famous’’ Interceptor Series 2014. Note the cool ‘‘Double Handed Archibash’’ – Don’t you think that sounds like a seriously fun race with a mate?!

SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series
IS 1. East Coast, Lidingö Runt, Nacka Strand . May 9–12
IS 2. East Coast, Ornö Runt . May 24
IS 3. East Coast, Sandhamn Open, MC14GP1 . June 6–8
IS 4. East Coast, Big Boat Cup, Nacka Strand, MC14GP2 . June 13–15
IS 5. East Coast, ÅFIR Inshore Race GP . June  28–30
IS 6. West Coast, Tjörn Runt / (alt. Malmö Kalaset) . August  15–17
IS 7. East Coast, Raid Revenge, Last leg to Nynäshamn!?, MC14GP3 . August  22–24
IS 8. East Coast, Hyundai Cup, Nynäshamn . August  30
IS 9. East Coast, Double Handed Archibash, Nynäshamn–Xxxxxx and back . September 6–7
IS 10. East Coast, Nynäshamn GP, Sunday race to Saltsjöbaden, MC14GP4 . September 12–14
IS 11. East Coast, Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix, MC14GP5 . September 20–22
Draft version 0,8 / Schedule may be adjusted / Revisited February 10

The SeaCart 26 Interceptor Series 2014
Consists of all 11 GP’s. The total points is calculated from the 8 best results. IS 11, also Multi Cup GP 5, is a must do GP. The day prior to all events can be a ProAm day.

More information about the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014 you find here

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Multi Cup 2012 Directors Cut

Team Strömberg heating up (VOR 2012 winner onboard Groupama)

The Directors Cut of Malcolm Hanes pictures of the 2012 racing season. Those pictures of SeaCart 26 racing in the Multi Cup are in a class of it’s own. Contact Malcolm direct if you are interested to buy a print; Malcolm Hanes på 0047 (0)70 570 90 12.

Link to the article and gallery!

The SeaCart 26 Team

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Search Magazine Rules in Sweden

The SeaCart 26 trimaran make it on the cover of Swedens coolest yachting magazine, Search Magazine. Not only that, the magazine is pasted with pictures and articles featuring the SeaCart 26 trimaran. I guess we made a good impact traveling Sweden during the Multi Cup 2012. Check it out!

Link to Search Magazine / Read Online

The SeaCart 26 Team

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SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2012 Review

The Multi Cup 2012 Review is full of information and quotes from sailors, partners and media. Use this cracking document and promo video to inspire fellow sailors, captain’s and/or for partner presentations. We like to see your team on the starting line in May 2013!

The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup is a cost-effective racing series featuring 6 to 7 Grand Prix events on peerless venues along Sweden’s east and west coasts. Contests vary from exciting city races, to speed tracks, to coastal navigation courses. Teams have to master tight racing on a variety of different courses and conditions. With our media platform, TV shows and ProAm days running over the season, the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup stands out as one of few turnkey sailing series on the planet, providing Racing Teams, Partners and Sponsors with the right tools to fulfill their ROI expectations.

We welcome international teams to join the Multi Cup 2013. Sweden is magical in the summertime in many ways, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to dive deep into Sweden‘s culture and at the same time get loads of fantastic races under your belt!

With that said we look forward to the 2013 season having more teams on the starting line. The race schedule will be presented in due time. The 2012 schedule is what we work from and we expect the Stockholm Grand Prix to be the last GP in the cup.

2012 Review content: 16 pages of information and quotes from sailors, partners and media. Use the pdf as slide show alt. print and distribute as booklet.

Click here to check out the 2012 Review online

Click here to download a pdf to your desktop

Link to Multi Cup Promo Video

Link to Youtube featuring the TV Show ‘‘Segling’’ broadcasted on channel TV4 Sport

Review example.

Review example.

For the record: The Multi Cup Schedule 2012
Grand Prix 1 Stockholm, Sandhamn 9–10 June √
Grand Prix 2 Stockholm, Big Boat Race, Nacka Strand, 16–17 June √
Grand Prix 3 Stockholm, ÅF Offshore Race, 29–30 June √
Grand Prix 4 Lysekil ‘‘at Lysekil Women’s Match’’, 10 August √
Grand Prix 5 Stenungsund and Tjörn Runt, 17–18 August √
Grand Prix 6 Nynäshamn, 15–16 September √
Grand Prix 7 Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix Riddarfjärden, 22–23 September √

The SeaCart 26 Team & Whyshore Events

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Sailing Journal October 2012

The Sailing Journal is probably Germany’s best looking sailing magazine to date. Modern layout, high quality paper, flawless print job. A magazine that air exclusivity. Well done and keep up the good work. The SeaCart 26 founder, Calle hennix, writes about his favourite must have onboard equipment, namely his sailing boots.

Link to article. Open in new window (jpg picture).

The SeaCart 26 Team

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SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Final in Stockholm

The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Grand Prix final 2012 was held in Stockholm City at the famous race course, Riddarfjärden where novelties like Chris Dickson and Pelle Petterson have had many tough battles during the years. Now sailing is back through the Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix with a new format featuring SeaCart 26 trimarans, X35 yachts, Dragons and Kona windsurfers. Event partners, sailing teams and their partners believe a big season final Grand Prix in the city hosting Swedens largest economy is the way to give more people a chanse to experience sailing and connect to the businesses in town.

Team Martin Strömberg blasting upwind

The Friday ProAm race day where invited guests race for fun with selected professionals was imensly apprechiated amongst partners and guests. Having the cup final in the Stockholm downtown make sense. Providing space for partners to show their products is a must and an effective way to activate the audience and people walking by. Hosting the final pricegiving in the central park Kungsträdgården, where a car show was going on, gave our partners a chanse to network car and sailing guests under the same roof. In all the weekend turned out to be a huge success for partners and sailing teams.

Team Samsung Challenge making way on the short Stockholm City race course.

The sailing conditions on Riddarfjärden are known to be famously tricky to say the least giving sailors plenty of chanses to show who is king or the ones biting the bullet. The short courses offered clear favours on one side of the starting line, wind shifts wearing 45 degrees or more and wind going from 5 knots to 25 knots in the gusts. That’s a good recepy for a funky ‘‘play ground’’ where a clear fist place could end up last after the last run to the finish. Frustrating at times? Yes! Still the same for all teams and it evens out during the regatta.

Stockholm City Townhouse in the background.

At the final day, Sunday, Team All Stars and Samsung Challenge where on tie points. Even better, the score was still on tie before the last race after Team All Stars put their pedal to the metal passing Samsung Challenge only 30 meters before the finish line. So it was quite tense onboard when the five minute gun went off. Team Strömberg got a good start close to the flag, Team All Stars came out nicly close to the starting vessel having Team Samsung Challenge to leeward. At the windward mark Team All Stars was in a clear lead running out on starboard searching for the right gybe angle to the leeward mark. After the gybe the wind died badly on Team All Stars. That was the moment no one like to be in! A sitting duck with plenty of playground around for other teams to pass. Team All Stars could’t find the time to repair the damage leaving Team Samsung Challenge to defillibrate to the finish line as the 2012 SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Champions. Well sailed by the young guns onboard Samsung Challenge.

Happy SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Champions 2012.

Anders Lewander skipper of Team All Stars this weekend.

All sailors and partners now look forward to the 2013 Multi Cup with additional teams on the starting line. If you are interested to participate with your own team, you don’t need to be Swedish, send us a note. We will soon have more Multi Cup information to present so keep in touch!

More pictures below and plenty of larger pictures in the Gallery section.

Tight racing having four classes packed on the same course.

Team Martin Strömberg howling upwind in the gusts.

Team All Stars making way through the field.

Full action after rounding. Team Martin Strömberg.

The young gun, Tom Gross, onboard Samsung Challenge looking for an opening.

On top of the game Team Samsung Challenge is ready for a mark rounding.

Pricegiving party at Kungsträdgården. TV interwiev with Andreas Oden from channel TV4 Sport.

Team Samsung Challenge are throned the Multi Cup Champions 2012. Congratulations!

Multi Cup Schedule 2012
Grand Prix 1 Stockholm, Sandhamn 9–10 June √
Grand Prix 2 Stockholm, Big Boat Race, Nacka Strand, 16–17 June √
Grand Prix 3 Stockholm, ÅF Offshore Race, 29–30 June √
Grand Prix 4 Lysekil ‘‘at Lysekil Women’s Match’’, 10 August √
Grand Prix 5 Stenungsund and Tjörn Runt, 17–18 August √
Grand Prix 6 Nynäshamn, 15–16 September √
Grand Prix 7 Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix Riddarfjärden, 22–23 September √

The SeaCart 26 Team & Whyshore Events

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