Bucket at Tjörn Runt 2016

After a nice ride from Swedens east to west coast, around 600 km, we got out little champ floating in 2,5 hours time. Then on to dinner and navigational preparation before Friday training session. Better be prepared this time, last time we missed out on the entry to the finishing line. Not to be repeated right! Done and dusted we where at the starting area before the start figuring about the start procedure. Super light conditions so the tactic was to be where the other boats aint, plus sail the shortest distance to first mark (a bridge).

Since we where amongst the smallest boats in the fleet it was important to get the larger multi and monohulls to pass us to leeward. That tactic worked just as expected but nevertheless the first third of the race was painful but we keept it together and had the first boats in sight when we left the ’’fjord’’ under Gennaker. Picking up speed the spirit onboard was rising. A bunch of 40 plus feet monohulls (fast in light downwind) now got the feeling of our previous pain seeing us passing to windward in at least double the speed, i.e. 13-16 knots.

When we gybed around the most souther point lighthouse we got even more speed after a change of wind direction unfurling our Code 0 – Now we where talking! Sitting on 15–21 knots of boat speed on a tight reach, quite often on one pontoon in full control, make you love this little marvel of boat. After a few talk backs to the crew of two they got the game and moved back and forth adjusting the balance on the curved foil following the pressure going up and down.

We estimate the wind topping out around 16 knots in the gusts. The battle was on for gold and gee did we made it all the way to the top spot on the podium. Ohh Yeeah! After the race we made a swift move bringing the boat on the trailer before dinner and the price giving party. A bit battered we drove back to Stockholm during Sunday afternoon. Tjörn Runt is a fab weekend regatta – Especially if you sail a super fun easy to trailer boat. Check out pictures below.

The SeaCart 26 Team

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