4 Time Winner Faerder Fruen

The 2009 crew; Calle Hennix, Sven Lagerberg, Ole Christian Vordahl, Henrik Dillman.

Down the memory lane. There are not just empty words behind our statement that the SeaCart 26 is built upon a long racing pedigree within the company. Before the SeaCart 26 trimaran Oceanlake Marine launched the offshore approved full carbon SeaCart 30 GP (2005). The SC30 GP started a new era of sucessful racing that’s still ongoing*. The SeaCart 26 has also proven to be a rock steady companion in rougher conditions like we have experienced in Brittany, Cowes Week and recently during the Heineken Regatta and Les Voiles de St. Barth (where we finished on top of the podium). Today we travel along the memory lane and visit the largest ‘‘offshore’’ race in Scandinavia ‘‘Faerder Seilasen’’ collecting 1,000–1,200 boat’s each year. Enjoy the notes after the race back then.

The Norwegian SeaCart 30 GP ”Flying Camilla” became historic for the second time. Last year (2008) she was the first boat ever to finish first 3 years in a row. So the 2009 win secure the record will stand at least until 2014. For the second year the Danish SeaCart 30 GP ”Creme Fraese” finish second. The Faerder Fruen trophy is one the most beautiful sailing price in the sailing history. Publish date: 2009.06.16

The trophy all crews like to fly. Here for the still standing 4th time in a row record.

*The SeaCart 30 GP ‘‘Morticha’’ won the Australian Multihull Nationals 2013.

Link to the not so updated SeaCart 30 site, Click here!

Link to Faerder Seilasen, 2014 edition. Click here!

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