202 Boat’s at Hyundai Cup in Nynäshamn

August 30 the now famous Hyundai Cup was held outside Nynäshamn. 1912 Nynäshamn was the Olympic sailing arena so the sailing conditions here at the archipelago outskirt is well known to be fantastic. The wind supposed to build during the day and it sure did but later than expected. Finally after the article pictures was taken ‘‘Thanks Search Magazine’’ a 12 knot sea breeze built on the outer part of the now shortened race track. The race format is a hunt start where the fastest boats start latest. First to finish win – a CAR. Sad this price only apply on monohulls.

We did our best to hold our light wind boat speed as high as possible through clever navigation during the first part of the race. Eventually the SeaCart 30 did make her way through the field and passed us ’’we love to have 3 meter more mast height in the super light’’ and finished first in the multihull class. We came in second so sailing wize it was all good. We know we can do better in 12 knots and up breeze so we have to wait for fair SeaCart 26 winds at the 2015 edition. The price giving and the extended party is at season height here in Nynäshamn and ‘‘for some teams’’ the sole reason to give Hyundai Cup a go.

Link to the race.

The SeaCart 26 Team

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