Seasons Greetings 2015

SeaCart 26 reaching under main and Code 0.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The SeaCart 26 OD trimaran continue to show what’s possible to achieve with small trimaran and the SeaCart 30 GP still out there winning regattas in hot heels. You have probably heard the news that Oceanalake Marine AB, the owner of the SeaCart Trimaran Brand, has been approached about a possible buy out*. That got me wondering and since the deal is still on the table it might be other parties interested. If you know of any additional contacts that might be interested let me know. Hence a 28ft (8,5m) fiberglass version of the carbon SeaCart 30 would most certain have a place in the Global and the Oceania -market in particular.

With that said we wish you a successful 2016 and we look forward to welcome you into the SeaCart community!

*Link to SeaCart Trimarans Update and Q & A

The SeaCart Team

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Where’s the snow?

Plus 12 degrees is perfect for this exercise

Late hauling is quite relaxing having in mind the snow has been a brief experience so far in the Stockholm region. To date there has been just a few days having minus degrees and snowflakes so the sailing season has been going on until now. Is this an effect of the global warming or is it just an odd year like 50 years ago? A bit of TLC and she is ready for next season.

Safely onboard the fast and light weight aluminium road trailer

The SeaCart Team

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