SeaCart Multi Cup Secures TV Deal

The creator of the SeaCart Multi Cup, Whyshore Yacht & Marketing, have closed a deal with Monday Production and TV4 Sport. TV4 Sport is one of the biggest sport channels in Sweden. Monday will produce 14 programs lasting 30 minutes broadcasted weekly on wednesday evenings at 22:00. Six programs before July (vacation in Sweden) and eight thereafter. There will be race reports from SeaCart Multi Cup, Americas Cup, Volkswagen X35 Cup and Audi Dragon Cup amongst other news. There will also be deep interviews and secret teams (for now) to follow. This is good news for sailing in Sweden and will help teams attract partners and sponsors to their sailing programmes.

SeaCart Multi Cup Locations & Program
9-10 June Sandhamn (Sandhamn Open)
GP2 16-17 June Stockholm (including Big Boat Race)
GP3 30/6 – 1/7 Stockholm (including ÅF Offshore sprint race)
GP4 15-16 Sept Nynäshamn
GP5 21-23 Sept Stockholm (The Grand Prix of the Grand Prixes)
as of 28.03.2012

The time is right to join the most inspiring SeaCart Multi Cup 2012, open for international teams. The SCMC is the cost effective alternative to the professional world cups out there (having a media platform including TV in place) – There is still a few places left for teams!

Interested? Contact the The SeaCart Team for Cup Presentation and the availability of boats.

Media Release for our Swedish readers
Nu kliver TV4 sport in som mediapartner till Whyshore Yachting & Marketing. Tillsammans ska de ge tittarna möjligheten att följa tre Cuper med kappsegling, från tidig säsongsstart i maj och avslut mitt inne i Stockholms City på Riddarfjärden i september.

TV4 Sport kommer under det kommande sommarhalvåret sända 14 halvtimmeslånga avsnitt, på onsdagkvällar kl 22:00. De första 6 avsnitten varje vecka från mitten av maj till midsommar (veckorna 20-25). Efter ett uppehåll under juli fortsätter sändningarna med ytterligare 8 avsnitt varje onsdag från början av augusti till slutet av september (veckorna 32-39).

Sändningarna på TV4 Sport kommer att följa kappseglingar i Volkswagen X-35 Cup, Audi Dragon Cup och SeaCart 26 Multi Cup. Avsnitten blir resultatinriktade med reportage från kappseglingarna, presentationer av båttyperna, och även fördjupningar med presentationer av teamen, personporträtt, mid-season round-up samt beskrivningar av Americas Cup.

”Det är fantastiskt kul att TV4 Sport skapar en plattform för de seglingsintresserade. Att kunna följa kappsegling på nära håll, att äntligen kunna följa segling på hemmaplan som vilken fotbollsserie som helst är helt unikt! Det här kommer utveckla vår sport mycket, och har stor betydelse för de aktiva seglarna att få presentera sin sport mot publik och företag. Kappsegling är mycket miljöanpassat och passar bra in i framtiden.” säger Klabbe Nylöf, VD på Whyshore.

För tre år sedan sände TV4 och TV4 Sport Volvo Ocean Race, och det är först nu som seglingssporten får ett riktigt seglingsmagasin igen. ”Vi har letat efter ett bra format för att kunna göra segling på ett intressant sätt. Med kombinationen av Volkswagen X-35 Cup, Audi Dragon Cup och SeaCart 26 Multi Cup finns nu förutsättningarna att skapa ett spännande TV-magasin som innehåller både bredd och initierade fördjupningar, säger Andreas Odén, exekutiv producent på produktionsbolaget Monday.

För mer information, bilder och intervjuer vänligen kontakta:
Klabbe Nylöf, VD Whyshore Yachting & Marketing, +46733472446,
Nina Hägert, Projektchef Whyshore Yachting & Marketing, +46761900619,
Andreas Odén, Exekutiv producent, Monday, +46708161898,

The SeaCart Team

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The Power of Branding

The SeaCart 26 at the boat show is a perfect example on how effectful repeated branding is. On a trimaran you have six hull sides to attach your art work on. Since the boat has the ability to sail on one hull* the vast variety of exciting angels on photo and video is almost endless. On the pictures we see that the SeaCart 26 is a mighty effectful branding platform on land as well.

This is good news for partners and sponsors in Scandinavia looking for a cost effective vehicle having a cup, a media plan and a TV schedule on the go for the 2012 season. The power of sailing is well known for it’s brilliant ability to connect people having the exclusive opportunity to give VIPs, clients, employees an exiting ride onboard. Added up this creates a tasteful package having a price tag and a ROI few marketing departments should have a problem to resist. So if you have sailing on your strategic agenda the SeaCart 26 package represent a smart way to involve your company in the way cool sailing future**.

*in full control like larger, and much more expensive, multihulls.
**Even tho old conservative Americas Cup is raced in multihulls nowdays.

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Promo Video for Boat Show

Sailing the SeaCart 26 trimaran on the bay of Baggen in Sweden. HD quality, soft lounge music and plenty of unshown cuts. Sit back and enjoy!

The SeaCart Team

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A Job Outside the Boundaries

In the spring issue of the Search Magazine the SeaCart brand founder Calle Hennix was first out in a series of articles about different jobs in the yachting industry. Those articles aiming to give young guns an idea of possible jobs out there. Of course starting a trimaran company is probably the hardest way to get your career going. On the other hand it’s big time life inspirational and mighty satisfying when a new creation hit the water. That ‘‘I made it feeling’’ can be a future goal when consider entering the yachting industry!?

Read the article online here – in Swedish but this is a nice piece of layout and pictures so check it out anyway.

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Room Service in love with the SeaCart 26!

With compliments from – Swedens largest TV channel for sailing.

Channel 5 super home rebuilding masters, Johnnie Krigström and Mattias Särholm from the TV show Room Service goes wild at the Swedish Boat Show ‘‘Allt för Sjön’’. 4,16 minutes in after checking out a new power boat foiler their interest goes to the SeaCart 26 trimaran. After a short while Johnnie regret his first choice of boat and start crying :) Fun and a must to check out – Click on the picture and you will enter the future of Swedish sailing TV!

The SeaCart Team

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Allt För Sjön – Bring it on!

Prepping for Boat Show. Welcome to the official opening on Saturday in Stockholm, Sweden. Boat Show “Allt för Sjön” opens March 3. Ends March 11. Stand A 27:11. Here is a link to our stand at Allt för Sjön – Click on S and you find SeaCart Trimarans virtual boot in the lower right corner. Tim at stand March 2–5 and Calle at stand March 6–11.

Join us for a presentation and chat March 9 (friday) at 15:00. If you know you will be there send us a note. See you there!

p.s. long distance visits deserves a beer on our account d.s.

The SeaCart Team

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Updated SeaCart Prices & Dealer Structure

On a world market having large industries demanding huge amount of material we have seen steady increased costs in build material. E-glass, epoxy, carbon does not come cheap any longer. On top of that we have the yearly price update on deck hardware and software, such as block, furlers, halyards and sheets.

Since the SeaCart 26 is an above standard advanced high tech trimaran using the best materials, build methods and equipment, we are influenced by these changes. The price of the SeaCart 26 will increase but we can ensure you we are doing our best to continue deliver one of the most advanced production boats there is on the market to a competitive price.

We are open for new dealers. Are you and your company interested to become a dealer contact Oceanlake Marine.

With more dealers in place we are able to supply good service at local markets outside Sweden and Thailand. Buying a boat from a dealer means paying a premium but you can expect a valuable local relationship. Things like helping out assembling the boat at delivery, carry out boat maintenance and winter storage by people that know the boat well is invaluable and appreciated.

The timing has never been more right to make a move into multihull. Rapidly growing interest in the world. The SeaCart 26 OD is a New class where no team is ahead. Now is the time to get ahead and order a SeaCart 26 OD – Pure Performance Guaranteed!

The SeaCart Team

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