Flow & Membrain Runs On the SeaCart 26

The team behind the SeaCart 26 has not saved any energy or expense in our aim to provide the market with the best sports multihull package possible. To make sure the mast and sail shapes are optimized an extensive flow and membrain program have been run using input from test sailing sessions and racing the first SeaCart 26. The findings have been implemented on boat No 2 which is now out sailing.

This sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo but it is in fact extremely valuable if you are serious about your intentions. For those who would like to read further into the matter we have posted North Sails notes on the subject below. When you read on you get the picture that this is not an task done quickly in a few minutes, to the contrary, it’s seriously time consuming and highly scientific. Pictures in the article show a SeaCart 26 under OD Gennaker.

DESMAN [TM] … rig and sail modeling. Desman creates a complete rig/sail model in a three-dimensional environment. In Desman, North designers can specify mast size, rigging position, rigging attachment points at the deck and trimming locations. The modeled sail/rig system incorporates the mechanical properties of the spars, standing rigging, running rigging and sails in terms of moments of inertia, sail and spar surface area, materials stiffness and resistance to stretch. Later in the process, Membrain (described later) uses the Desman model to determine deformation under load for the sail and every piece of standing and running rigging, right down to stretch in the sheets and halyards. Link to North Sails Desman.

3D LAYOUT [TM] … define the structure of sail. 3D Layout is used to define the structure of a sail in terms of yarn layouts, panel layouts, tape layouts, yarn density, and/or film types. Output from 3D Layout is used to shape 3DL molds or provide seam curves for paneled sails. All yarns are plotted in the same 3-dimensional space they will assume when sailing. 3D shapes are translated into panel layouts for downwind sails. 3D Layout also has powerful analytical tools which can be used independently or in conjunction with Membrain. Link to North Sails 3D Layout.

FLOW [TM] … applies wind pressure to 3-dimensional sail mold. Using Flow, wind pressure is introduced over the sail’s three-dimensional “mold” to produce a pressure field on the sail’s surface. The pressure varies over the surfaces based on the size and shape of the sail and the strength and direction of the air flow. The resulting pressure field is then linked directly to Membrain for finite element analysis. Flow also reports the drive and moments developed by sails, which can later be used by either the North Sails VPP or other VPPs for sail performance analysis. Link to North Sails Flow.

MEMBRAIN [TM] … balances wind pressure, sail shape and rig. Membrain takes the sail/rig model from Desman and applies pressure fields from Flow, deforming the mast and sail as a single unified structure. As the sail/rig structure is deformed, the shape of the sail changes, so Membrain then links back to Flow to acquire new pressure fields for the deformed surface. This changes the sail shape in Membrain yet again, so the process is repeated until there is stable balance between pressure and rig/sail deformation. Membrain can be used to test sail shapes, optimize mast design and rig tune, create sail shapes to test in North VPP, check loads for designers, and more. Membrain applies pressure to the integrated rig/sail system and then iterates the results back to Flow until pressure and sail deformation achieves a stable balance. Link to North Sails Membrain.


SeaCart 26 #2 Under Sail

Last week SeaCart 26 number two set sail in Pattaya, Thailand. Two square metres more area on both jib and main, on this boat 3Di North Sails. Updated steering system, custom built shrouds and plenty of refined details all over.

Under main and Code 0 (tack to high on picture)

Under OD gennaker. Custom built Dyneema SK75 shrouds, rated for 12 tonnes.

Under 3Di main and jib. 1:16 on jib fine tune sheet. Long jib batten to the left.

High speed towing. All sails except main on furler.

New steering system. Long cross bar incl. toe in/out control. Tiller and an extension on each side.

New square top main. Effective racing deck layout. Note steering cross bar behind main track.


Proud Assembly Crew

The build team behind every SeaCart 26 work long and hard at the factory ensuring every boat is finished to perfection. Once a boat is complete and ready for launch there is a sense of acheivement adding the final touches at the marina. The crew and boat look as good as the new branded foil bags below!

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SeaCart 26 Cup 2012 in Planning

Larger picture of the draft of the Cup site here

In Swedish at the moment. The aim is to start building the Cup format in the Swedish and Scandinavian markets.

SeaCart 26 Cup är ett årligen återkommande seglingsevenemang på högsta nivå. Cupen är ett sportevenemang med kommersiell grund där uppseendeväckande seglingar kombineras med B2B, B2C och corporate hospitalityaktiviteter för partners. Dessutom ska evenemanget tillhandahålla en kul och spektakulär idrottsupplevelse för publik och allmänhet. Evenemanget ska drivas professionellt vara ekonomiskt lönsamt genom att bland annat erbjuda förstklassiga seglingar för de som äger och seglar SeaCart 26. Cupen ska exponeras i media för att ge bästa möjliga utväxling för partners och teams.

”Idén med cupen är att skapa en Svensk Grand Prix-serie på lättillgängliga orter för seglare, partners och åskådare. Målet är att på kort tid få cupen uppmärksammad i medier genom att använda väl beprövade verktyg, dito för att i högt tempo attrahera partners och seglings team”
Klabbe Nylöf / Whyshore

”Det känns fantastiskt att vi redan nu kan presentera de stora dragen i nästa års SeaCart 26 Cup. SeaCart 26 trimaranen är speciellt utvecklad för att vara en fantastisk snabb och kul plattform för både kappsegling på högsta nivå och för fartfyllda seglingar med partners och sponsorer. Båten packas snabbt ihop på trailer för transport till nästa event”
Calle Hennix / Oceanlake Marine dvs. SeaCart Trimarans

SeaCart Cupstruktur 2012
Vi arbetar med ett professionellt upplägg för att få största möjliga genomslag på bred front. SeaCart 26 Cup ska erbjuda cup partners och team partners bästa tänkbara exponeringsplattform. Seglingarna ska ha en intressant struktur med varierande och spännande banor. Partners erbjuds på varje event plats för exponering samt tid för VIP seglingar med kunder.
GP 1 Västkusten / 4–8 bankappseglingar och en distanskappsegling
GP 2 Ostkusten / 4–8 bankappseglingar och en distanskappsegling
GP 3 Ostkusten / 4–8 bankappseglingar och en distanskappsegling
GP 4 Sydkusten / 4–8 bankappseglingar och en distanskappsegling
GP 5 Ostkusten / 4–8 bankappseglingar och en distanskappsegling

Deltagare 2012
Utsikterna ser bra ut och redan nu kan vi annonsera 4–6 båtar inför nästa års Cup. För att säkra strukturen i cupen har OLM garanterat fyra båtar som är tillgängliga för charter eller köp för privatpersoner, team eller sponsorer/partners. Vidare har två väldigt bra team anmält sig – Dock ej namngivna vid pressläggning. Allt ser med andra ord väldigt ljust ut och än finns det tid att sätta ihop ett team och få hem en båt. Hör av dig till Calle på OLM eller Klabbe på Whyshore.

Contact Oceanlake Marine & SeaCart Trimarans; Calle Hennix
Contact Whyshore Yachts & Marketing; Klabbe Nylöf

//Oceanlake Marine & Whyshore Yachts & Marketing

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Meet us at the Scandinavian Boat Show!

Come and visit the SeaCart Team at the Scandinavian Boat Show in Stockholm, November 9–13. Check out the new SeaCart 26 if you haven’t already seen it for yourself! Talk to us about the upcomming SeaCart 26 Cup 2012. See you there!

Link to Scandinavian Boat Show

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