The Count Down has Begun!

CMI’s Pom Green & John Higham oversee laser hull alignment.

The first new SeaCart 26 is really taking shape. With the hulls and beams assembled and looking at the bows lined up it’s a mean shape indeed. If looks are anything to go by this boat is going to be a killer! “The SC26 really is striking to look at, it looks fast even sitting on the factory floor” says Calle Hennix. ‘‘It’s one thing to look at the graphic renderings but to see it in real life is another thing totally – just awesome.’’

The whole team at Oceanlake Marine are looking forward to sailing the boat for the first time. Time is ticking down to it’s debut at the Top of the Gulf regatta in Pattaya, Thailand in five weeks from now. For all interested, there will be test sailing opportunities close to the regatta. To register your interest please contact us here.

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SeaCart 26 Sizes Up the Competition

SeaCart 26 OD v.s. Multi 23, Farrier 22R, Corsair 750 Sprint / See large picture in new window

Although the new SeaCart 26 is first and foremost designed as a One Design class it’s interesting to compare this new design with it’s closest counterparts. It’s fair to say that Farrier and Corsair designs have made up the majority of trailable multihull racing fleets around the world since being introduced and becoming popular back in the 80’s. More recently others beginning with the offshore capable SeaCart 30 GP and smaller tris such as the Multi 23 entered the market have gained market share.

Taking a look at the SeaCart 26 (7.64 LOA) compared to three trimarans of similar size, the Multi 23 (6.72m LOA), Farrier 22R (6.96m LOA) and the Corsair 750 Sprint (7.40m LOA). The obvious difference between the SeaCart 26 and these three designs is it’s potential to consistently fly the main hull. The benefit of which is greatly reduced wetted surface/drag resulting in more speed. The other designs limit themselves with floats that lack volume with ‘‘V’’ shaped profiles and fine aft sections and/or floats that are shorter than the main hull in terms of length overall.

Three key design characteristics allow the SeaCart 26 to fly the main hull; a stiff platform; ample volume in the floats; and twin rudders. Having just one rudder on the main hull direct limits hull flying and a known side effect of a single rudder downwind is cavitation at high speed leading to loss of control – potentially hazardous especially in racing situations. Against it’s closest match in terms of overall length, the SeaCart 26 has dramatically more volume (2000kg of displacement) in the floats compared to the Corsair 750 Sprint. In addition to the powerful volume forward, the SeaCart 26 has optional curved foils which are capable of producing up to 400kg of lift.

When comparing the plan views in the drawings above it is also very noticable that the forward beams are set considerably further back on the SeaCart 26. This will reduce the occurance of waves slamming the beam both upwind and down. It can also be seen that the rig is further aft than other designs, this is a trend that has come into modern designs such as the Multi One Design 70, in essence the length of the hulls forward of the rig is greater providing increased stability and providing reserve buoyancy forward. As a result the SeaCart 26 becomes a safer boat and one that is able to be driven harder with reduced risk of burying the leeward bow.

SeaCart 26 OD v.s. SeaCart 30 FCR, SeaCart 30 GP, Ventilo 28 (M2) / See large picture in new window

In our future gallery boat comparison images can be found and drafts of the wing concept.


SeaCart 26 Makes a Splash at the Show!

The stylish SeaCart stand

In just the opening days of the Stockholm International Boat Show the SeaCart 26 has generated a large amount of interest and a boats have been sold. While the first SeaCart 26 is being completed in Thailand, Oceanlake Marine’s Calle Hennix and Tim Shuwalow are talking with many people who are interested in the new SeaCart model. To them it’s very evident that more sailors are seeing the benefits of a ’’made-to-race’’ folding trailerable trimaran in favour of traditional racing and cruising keel boats and other multihull designs.

‘‘It’s great to see that interest in the new SeaCart 26 is very high in Sweden as in other countries. The increasing profile of multihulls around the globe is widening the market with more people wanting to sail multihulls. The new SC26 will soon be on the water giving owners maximum enjoyment from sailing and racing again. It will be fast and fun with easy logistics which will mean travelling to regattas will be simpler and less costly than ever’’ – Comments Calle Hennix, Oceanlake Marine.

Come visit us at stand A 04:44 until Mars 13 – Welcome!

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Owning a SeaCart 26 Just Got Even Easier!

Concept development image of AtSea site

AtSea Sailing Events together with Oceanlake Marine is proud to present an exclusive offer for the first six SeaCart 26 owners in Stockholm. As part of the offer you will be provided with free mooring at the AtSea venue and receive rental income when your boat is used in corporate events. AtSea is located on Elfvik, Lidingö a 20 minute drive from Stureplan. The location is perfect for quick and easy access to the waters of Hustegafjärden for training and round the buoys racing.

About AtSea Sailing Events
AtSea Sailing Events (formerly Stockholm Match Race Center AB) specialises in producing corporate sailings, racing and training events. The company was founded in 2005 by one of Sweden’s most experienced match racing sailors Björn Hansen. Over the years AtSea Sailing Events has produced more than 300 corporate sailings events for more than 6000 guests and training and match racing events for the Swedish and international sailing elite. AtSea Salling Events owns a fleet of six custom built J/92 boats and two motorboats.

We offer exclusively to SeaCart 26 owners
- Free dock mooring at AtSea, Lidingö 2011–2012.
- Rental income from corporate events. AtSea Sailing Events conducts 50 events/year on average and offers payment 1200 SEK incl. vat per boat/event.
- Weekly training sessions (May–Sept) with some of Sweden’s best multihull sailors.
- Full boat care services such as boat lifts, wash, winter storage, service and repairs, spring and fall preparation, stepping of mast etc.

Minimum two boats need to be available for corporate events weekdays May to June and mid August to September. Our corporate events are produced during office hours and the boats are used on average two hours per event.

Henrik Grape
AtSea Sailing Events AB
Office: +468 505 570 30
Mobile: +46708 650 604

Tim Shuwalow at Oceanlake Marine Contact information here

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Scandinavian SeaCart 26 Grand Prix 2012

Oceanlake Marine AB, the company producing SeaCart Trimarans and Whyshore AB who operate Sweden’s fastest sailboat, an ORMA 60 Trimaran, together intend to develop a series of Grand Prix (GP) regattas specifically for the new SeaCart 26 One Design.

Next month the first SeaCart 26 will be tested and raced in Thailand where the boat is produced. Following that Oceanlake plan to display and promote the boat at Sandhamn Race Week and the ÅF Offshore Race (Gotland Runt). With great interest in this boat worldwide demand is set to be high as distribution begins soon. As boats will be delivered to owners  thoughout 2011 the intention is to launch the Grand Prix in 2012. The aim is to create a race circuit in Scandinavia where there are many owners who are set to adopt the class. International teams are of course welcome to compete also. The process of finding partners and interested teams starts at the Stockholm International Boat Show. Visit the SeaCart Lounge at Stand A 04:44 if you’d like more information about the project.

On the SeaCart 26 OD Trimaran

Klabbe Nylöf – CEO, Whyshore ‘‘The SeaCart 26 OD is a perfect combination of a Formula 60 trimaran and Formula 18 catamaran. The sailors will experience a raw power and speed of a bigger boat but have the ease and pleasure of F18 manageability. With 2000kg of lift in the pontoons, two rudders, a centreboard, and optional curved foils for the floats it will definitely be exciting to sail. By adding the curved foils you get lots of speed, stability and security. The SeaCart 26 OD has as many ‘speed gadgets’ just like it’s equally new and larger counterpart, the MOD 70 trimaran. Whether you and your crew have been sailing multihulls previously or not the SeaCart 26 will provide a fantastic sailing experience. Now you can campaign an exciting multihull in a unique event with a relatively low budget’’

Calle Hennix – Creative Director, Oceanlake Marine ‘‘The goal of SeaCart 26 OD is to offer the sailors a boat that is as close as you can get a one-off built racing machine in performance and quality at a reasonable price. Oceanlake Marine focus was always easy accessibility and usability during the process from concept through to completed boat, it shows in the new SeaCart 26 OD’s DNA. It will be sailed with a crew of three to four and has folding floats, rotating carbon fibre mast and has a cradle that can be easily rolled up on a trailer. It is possible to take the boat up on a slip or with an crane. The boat can be stored on land folded with the mast up occupying the same space a monohull does. You can ship two boats in a 40 foot container to tropical destinations during the winter’’

SeaCart 26 Grand Prix 2012

Klabbe Nylöf – CEO, Whyshore ‘‘The SeaCart 26 Grand Prix is invisaged to be held across Scandinavia the boat is very easily trailerable. With a boat suited for course and short coastal racing, we see the Grand Prix to be combination of both. In order to create a sustainable event, we will tailor the event to meet sponsor’s objectives, for example events will be hosted in relevant markets to provide maximum return. Teams are given the opportunity to compete in individual events or take part in the entire circuit to provide more opportunity for local, Scandinavian and International teams’’

Calle Hennix – Creative Director, Oceanlake Marine ‘‘We at Oceanlake Marine and Whyshore have lived and breathed racing for decades. We’ve taken part in the America’s Cup, Whitbread Round-the-World Race, Volvo Ocean Race, Oops Cup, F18 Worlds, Archipelago Raid and many other events between us. This is the arena where we like to be and now have a boat that is suited to fun and fast paced events that provide value for sponsors and will interest the media and public. This combined with the great interest in Scandinavia for SeaCart 26 OD means that we have already started to launch the SC26GP 2012’’

If you are a team interested in participating or becoming an event partner please contact Calle Hennix, 070 742 84 66 or Klabbe Nylöf on 073 347 24 46.

Visit the SeaCart Lounge and talk to Oceanlake Marine and Whyshore about the SeaCart 26 GP Series at Stand A 04:44.

More information about the new SeaCart 26 OD.
More information about Whyshore.

Oceanlake Marine & Whyshore – Stockholm, February 28 2011

Swedish press release in pdf format

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