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CNC milling of the main hull.

Composite Marine International is in the final stages of tooling, plugs have been CNC milled for the main hull, floats and beams to ensure precision mouldings. Female moulds have been produced and construction of the first boat is expected to commence in the first week of November.

Float mould

Sea trials of boat number one is scheduled for February 2011 in Thailand. Full production will commence thereafter on the first 10 boats that are already on order. The first boat will be shipped to Europe ahead of the 2011 season for promotional sailing and races/regattas.

Oceanlake Marine expects delivery of boats to owners in July 2011. It is our intention to provide updates of the build process and delivery schedule as the project progresses, please check back in due course.

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Why a Trimaran?

The answer is easy, the first and foremost reason is performance! On any type of sailing boat power-to-weight ratio and wetted surface area are critically important performance factors. These are what make multihulls such efficient sailing craft. The wide beam a trimaran is able to have gives it exceptional righting moment. When the main hull begins to fly only one narrow hull is left slicing through the water. In short, greater righting moment provides more power and less wetted surface reduces drag, these combined equal exhilerating speed!

To quote Pete Melvin, chief architect of the AC72 (America’s Cup Catamaran) rule and champion multihull sailor, “The difference in performance characteristics between the two (catamaran and trimaran) is not significant.” Trimarans are however generally easier to sail to the VPP’s (meaning speed potential can be consistently achieved). A trimaran also probably shares a closer relationship to a monohull than a catamaran does so it’s easier for a monohull sailor to make the transition into multihull sailing.

When considering safety a trimaran’s platform means it is more forgiving than a catamaran. When a leeward bow is driven under the water the larger volume of the main hull soon provides extra buoyancy to help prevent a dramatic nose dive. In terms of practicality, a folding trimaran has the ability to radically reduce it’s beam to fit a monohull marina berth in minutes. This is also a huge benefit when storing the boat on dry land in a yacht club hard stand, the boat takes up less space whilst still having the mast up ready to go sailing again!

So there you have it, a trimaran of this size has its advantages over a catamaran. SeaCart Trimarans are designed and built for excellence both on and off the water and shall continue to be the true high performance brand on the market. The future of multihull racing is the SeaCart 26 One Design Trimaran – broaden your sailing horizons and join the evolution today!

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North Sails Design Notes

North Sails Sweden has been involved in the SeaCart 26 from the early start. Together with our top designers with the unique tools in North Design Suite we have been closely developing the sailplan, crossovers and sail handling. North Sails have also done a full Flow / Membrain run in order to convert the 3DL moulds to 3Di for best result. Regarding One Design (OD) Sails you can choose or combine from three different material levels: Grand Prix via Club Racing to Cruising. Add Rating Sails (RS) for distance races or Wednesday club races. Pricing: Contact Oceanlake Marine.

Contender Maxilite 150 gennaker colours and 3DL cloth in the background

Flow/Membrain pictures on updated sail areas while converting moulds from 3DL to 3Di.

More about 3Di technology / Link to North Sails

North Sails Better by Design, Product and Service.


Updated Oct. 2011 / SC26 OD Main, Jib, Areas / 3D

SC26 OD Sails / Main, Jib, Gennaker A3 / 2D

SC26 Rating Sails / Code 0, Gennaker A2 / 2D

SC26 OD Sails / Jib, Main / 3D

SC26 OD Sails / Gennaker A2, Main / 3D

SC26 Rating Sail / Code 0, Main / 3D

North Sails Racing Sails Product Brochure


New SeaCart 26 One Design Trimaran set to take off

The SeaCart 26 has curved lifting foils on the floats as option (like the ORMA 60 Trimarans)

To complement the full-carbon offshore-capable SeaCart 30 that made its debut in 2005, Oceanlake Marine is excited to launch a new 26-foot One Design trimaran for inshore and coastal racing.

Oceanlake’s quest was to create a One Design trimaran that delivered true high-performance for its size, and one that far exceeds expectations for a production boat. The design brief stipulated that the boat must fold to make berthing and trailering quick and easy. It also had to be versatile and suited for both course and distance racing.

Multihull expert and designer of the SeaCart 30, Marc Lombard, was the designer. Marc’s prior accomplishments and experience with the 30-footer enabled him to be instrumental in the evolution of the SeaCart 26. Mike Drummond, a member of BMW ORACLE Racing’s Design Team and America’s Cup Hall of Fame, was consulted as a technical advisor. Calle Hennix, founder of Oceanlake Marine, has brought this most recent SeaCart project from concept to reality once again.

As well as a boat that could be used for intense course and distance racing, another very important design consideration was that it should also be suited to a wide variety of sailors. It should be attractive for club enthusiasts, experienced racers and top professional teams, alike. It had to also provide a relatively easy transition for monohull sailors contemplating the shift to multihulls.

“We strongly believe we have achieved what we set out to and have created a One Design boat that will become the benchmark in multihull racing,” says Calle Hennix. “We will put every effort into developing an internationally strong class that will have continental and World Championships within a few years,” he adds.

While it stems from the pedigree of SeaCart’s 30-footer, this new class has been created from a blank sheet. It has been drawn with modern lines including wave-piercing bows, spray rails, curved foils and a comfortable cockpit. The hulls are built in epoxy/E-glass with carbon fibre reinforcing in areas of higher load. The pivoting centreboard in the main hull and optional foils combined with SeaCart’s signature twin rudders will allow the boat to fly two hulls in full control!

The rig features a carbon fibre wing mast and 28.8m2 high-aspect square-top mainsail. In One Design configuration it will have a 13.4m2 jib and 43.6m2 gennaker. For distance racing a 28,8m2 code 0 and larger 54,3m2 gennaker may be used. North Sails have created the sail plan which is designed to be both powerful and versatile. The One Design Rules will leave the choice of sail manufacturer open and will be governed by a ‘Box Rule’.

While it boasts systems that will excel when sailing, particular focus has also been given to making it easy to handle when not. A super-light and very efficient folding system has been developed that with the addition of a supporting set of stays allows the mast to stay up even when the boat is folded. A roll-on/roll-off cradle kit can also be supplied to suit road trailers, and two boats will fit into a standard 40-foot container for shipping.

Tim Shuwalow, Oceanlake Marine’s International Sales Manager says, “I’m eager to expose and promote these great boats to a broader audience. The SeaCart 26 will excite multihull enthusiasts, and monohull sailors have never had an easier opportunity to get into multihulls. It will be a great boat to race for everyone!”

“Our vision is to create a multihull class that enjoys the strength of numbers seen at regattas like those for Melges sportsboats. Melges is a great example of strict One Design racing, there’s no sports multihull class that comes close but we’re getting set to change that!” says Tim.

“Never before have multihulls received as much attention as right now. So the timing of the SeaCart 26 is perfect because it will be within the reach of many sailors giving them the chance to sail a high-performance yet easy-to-manage boat, with low running costs,” Tim concludes.

Composite Marine International (CMI) has been appointed as the official builder of the SeaCart 26. CMI is currently in the final stages of mould construction at their facility in Thailand. Once the first boat is completed in just a few of months it will be comprehensively test sailed before full production commences on the first 10 boats that have already been ordered.

Despite an overwhelming amount of early interest, Oceanlake Marine is offering attractive deals to reward early adopters to ensure the class is established quickly. Collective buyers will be able to secure multiple boat discounts for a limited time and also cut their shipping costs in half. Orders are being taken now for delivery of the new SeaCart 26 in 2011.

For more information and images of the new SeaCart 26 please visit

By Oceanlake Marine AB

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How to book a Service Representative ‘Stellman’

This free service is quite unique. At Oceanlake Marine (OLM) we feel it’s crucial to ensure that you get the best possible service when receiving you new boat. Until we have a Stellman in place close to you at “Open Stellman Areas” OLM will cover the cost of sending a Stellman to an International Airport close to your destination, and you will have him with you for free during one day. Be sure to pick the Stellman up and have your boat ready for assembly. If you like to add in some extra days for sailing and coaching you can do so at an additional fixed day rate + living costs (ex. bed and food). Extra days have to be scheduled in advance so the flight tickets can be booked for the correct days.

Stellman services are currently available in:
Europe / major cities serviced by pan European airlines
Thailand / Sales Agent / Service Center / at CMI Factory

Inquire about Stellman services


WANTED – Stellmans with Multihull Experience

Stellmans are OLM’s service representatives around the globe. Their mission is to help customers in the field to assemble their new boats. You should be experienced technically and be able to provide a high level of service. You should also be able to provide coaching sessions when customers want to learn how to handle the boat or want to move up a level in competition. For the right person this is a fantastic opportunity to spread your vast multihull knowledge, while being paid for doing what you love most.

To become a certified Stellman you should have a:
- Proven multihull racing history
- Technical knowledge of skills to assemble a boat
- Good hand with people and love to share your knowledge
- Registered company and appropriate insurance

If you meet this criteria please send an application to Oceanlake Marine listing your details and multihull sailing record.

All applicants will need to participate in an assembly of a SeaCart to learn the Stellman skills before being officially certified.

Welcome to the SeaCart Team!

Apply by sending OLM an email >